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June 27, 2011



Fave summer memory is when I took my kids to Disney in Florida. They had such a great time and we enjoyed watching them have fun!

Sherry Davis

My Fav summer time memory is spending time at Granny's and walking to the community grocery store! *G* I was easily entertained! I would love to have some ideas for decorating for parties, etc.

Carri McMullen

My favorite summer memory is being at the beach in Oregon with my children. Watching their big smiles as they explore the beach and their imaginations run away with them, but now I am looking forward to creating new memories with my first grandchild that I was blessed with on Friday. Skye is the most handsome baby boy and I just know I will share the Oregon shore with him too one day.

Linda Plett

My favorite memories are from 4th of July with our friends. It’s so fun going to the parade, hanging out and then watching fireworks.

Mary Davidson

My favorite summertime memory, and it was the same every summer, was the two weeks we spent camping on Cape Cod. A good number of the same families went every year at the same time and we met and made so many good friends. I'm so happy to be going up from Florida this year...but I won't be camping...LOL.

Thanks for the opportunity to win your e-book!

Karen Kurz

my favorite summertime memory was the summer my older brother worked for 2 ladies who owned a tiny ice cream stand within walking distance of my house...mmmm lots of ice cream that summer!
[email protected]

Lynn Sb

Hi Erika

My favourite summer memory is going to my great=grandparents in Yarmouth NS every year next to the shore and my Nanna's cooking! She couldn't read or write but she could cook!

kathy t

My favorite summer memory is spending long days at my cousins -we would swim all day and play kick ball and hunt fireflies into the evening --just the lazy days of summer . This looks like a fantastic e-book :-) Thanks for the chance to win!
[email protected]


Long days at the beach. My mum always took us to the beach during summer. Ice-creams melting down your fingers, hot sand between our toes and cooling off in the water. Walks along the pier, hot jam donuts as it cooled in the evening. Loved it and love my mum for these memories!

Joan Hajek

My favorite summer memory was going to the beach with my family. One of seven kids, Mom and Dad would load us in the station wagon, and we would pull a U-Haul behind us with all the luggage, beach gear, etc. It was always sooo much fun and I still enjoy my yearly treks to the beach now!

Kris Kilkenny

I couldn't wait until Friday. I ordered it today! This is such a great idea! Thank you!

Nancy S

My favourite summer fun was when my husband and I started a new business together and seeing that our kids were young we knew that the time we spent working on the business had to be shared with them so every Friday we would take the kids to the beach and spend the afternoon there. This was their time with us and they had our undivided attention.

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Lora Macdonald

I think my favorite memory is of hanging out with my friends, in their back yard, and catching bees that were buzzing around their raspberry bushes! And then we'd eat Popsicles! Not sure why this memory came to mind. I think it has something to do with the innocence of our childhood, and the carefree days we would spend in the sunshine!
Your book looks really cook and if I don't win, I will most likely buy it anyways!

Darlean Fitzgerald

My favorite summer memory is from when I was a teenager. I spent a lot of time on the Toronto Islands....I would stay over there and wander during the day or spend time at the beach. The city was just a ferry ride away so you were never far from home.

Sue D

My favorite summertime memory is the week we spent every summer at my grandma's farm--I loved it and now have a little farm of my own.

Melinda Wilson

After my husband and I remarried each other, we took our two boys to stay at my boss's condo at Panama City Beach for a week. We were able to continue these trips a couple times per year for about six years. We had some wonderful memories of swimming, beach time, go-cart races and time just spent together.

Lois Folla

Awesome Job! Love it! Thanks!


my favorite summer memories are the months spent in santa barbara california. my parents would rent a house and we would see family and friends, go to the beach and live life out there. it was so magical. (it ended when airfare got too expensive.) I will be moving there permanently someday! :)
hope to win your shook so I can create some summer memories for my friends!

Kris Kilkenny

I love your E-book! Oh my gosh!! My seven year old and I are so excited to try the recipes and decorate them. Beautifully done. Your photos are amazing. The instructions are clear. It's my favorite!!

Kay Capps

Hi- What a neat idea! If I don't win-I'll be back to purchase one! Happy Creatin'-Hugs Kay

Sandy Barrera

You so inspire me! Happy July! Will I see you in SLC? I want to go have a summer gathering now and make these darling projects! Take Care, Sandy

Susan Mac

one of my fav. summer time memories is swimming in the lake with all my friends & cousins from school. I'd LOVE to start July off with a copy of this summertime treat...have my fingers crossed!!

Anjii Rempel

My favorite summer memory is when my Grandparents had a summer trailer just an hour away, and we would get to bring a friend and stay there for a week with them.

Alissa padilla

My favorite summertime memory is living in Hawaii looking at the stars during sunmernights with my mom! Now I live in Texas lay in the yard with my daughter and imagine my mom looking at the sky in Hawaii.... Hope my daughter follows te same tradition where ever she settles down in her life!

Alissa padilla

My favorite summertime memory is living in Hawaii looking at the stars during sunmernights with my mom! Now I live in Texas lay in the yard with my daughter and imagine my mom looking at the sky in Hawaii.... Hope my daughter follows te same tradition where ever she settles down in her life!

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