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December 23, 2009



Happy Birthday! My best advice is to enjoy each day with your family.

Sarah Z aka OriginalYouth

I turned 33 on the 21st! So, being exactly one day older than you are, my advice is to live each day as if you had only one month to live. Sort out your faults, love your friends and family, learn something new, and live passionately! Every day!

Shelly Katzung

Don't eat too much cake, but just relax, be yourself and have fun!


Happy Birthday! Time to start reflecting on your life and what your goals/dreams are. Is there something that you can do to make some of them come true? Take a class, go to Paris, start hiking - you get the point!

Lori Watson

Happy Birthday rememmber it's not the amount of years you have behind you it's how you effect those around you that matters.Hugs and happy stamping Lori Watson

Cynthia Ferenz

Happy Birthday! I too am a December child, I will be 53 on the 31st! My advice - "Live life to it's fullest!" or as my e-mail signaure line says:

"Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders & says....... 'Oh crap....she's awake!!"

Cynthia Ferenz
Fredericksburg, VA
Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers


Happy, Happy 33! Always trust your instincts, they will never let you down. Be true to yourself. Be your best self. Give back when you can to your community,or a neighbor,or a friend. It could be as simple as a hug. It could be a few hours of child care to a single parent. It could be company for an elderly person. But, whatever it is, it is a way of being grateful for what you have. And lastly give thanks every day for the blessings of another day and the gift of each other. Love, and Respect, Brenda

Cassie K

Hope hope your birthday was a groovy one and as for advice: just keep enjoying everyone moment - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Nancy G.

Not one to give advice but, just stay in the moment.
Happy Birthday.

Tanya Soutar

dear Erica
Have the most wonderful birthday, celebrate you!
My advice to you is not feel guilty about indulging YOU... every woman deserves it, so go get that manicure, buy yourself some gorgeous flowers, go lay in a cozy place and read for a few hours.
Time gets shorter, just enjoy what makes YOU feel wonderful.

Lori Stilger

:D Of COURSE I'd love to win, Erika - your work is AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks SO much for continuing to share with us, Erika. :) Happy Belated Birthday, and may you be richly blessed in your new year! :)

Cathy Stech

Happy Birthday!!!
33 still so young! My wisdom for your 33rd Birthday is in the form of my favorite quote
Favorite Quote..
"What you leave behind is NOT what is engraved in stone monuments,
but what is woven into the lives of others."
Live life to the fullest!


wow - that is one beautiful canvas!!! If only I could encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone (i.e card making!) and think about creating something like this!

Anyway - I am not sure what advice I could you from the grand old age of 35! But I would suggest that you remember to take some time for yourself and do what makes YOU happy! ;-)


Eat more chocolate! ;)

Celeste Lacvy

Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for the chance to win!


Happy Birthday Erika!! Well I'm twice your age, so I should have tons of advice. And actually I do, but you didn't ask for a book. The best probably would be what has helped me the most: don't do anything half-a__. Believe it or not, my dear departed mother brought me up on this principal (and that language was unheard of in her day). It was the best advice she every gave me. No matter what I did/do I always try to give 105% of myself. When I had my first filing -- I told myself the whole company would go to pot if I didn't do my job better than anybody. And that's where it started until I retired with a very high-level job with an awesome salary (with no higher education). The same was true in my personal life -- do your best and you will never be disappointed. And, make sure you learn something new every day so you can tell others. Sorry this was so long, but I warned you I could write a book! Hugs, Sandi Dailey

Barb Clouse

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your projects are beautiful.

Tammy Jackson

Happy Birthday and make sure those you love know that you love. Life is way too short and it seems the older you get the faster it goes. Make sure you celebrate each and every day. God Bless!


Happy Birthday and wishing you many more. My advice to you is to keep being positive and creative because you are very inspiring.


Happy Birthday hope you had a wonderful day ....... my advice don't sweat the small stuff and surround yourself with positive people. I love your canvas it looks amazing. Waving hello from the other side of the world. Vicki from New Zealand.

Denise T

Happy birthday Erika....I have 15+ years and I have learned to not take myself so seriously..Life is way to short and I like myself better this way too!Thanks for the chance to win some of your creative art.


Thanks for the chancet win this. I have recently wanted to make something on canvas.

Lori Watson

Happy 33rd birthday I hopeyou have many more my advise would be to look at all you do that touches others and relize that's the greatest gift you can give that gives back beyond measure. Hugs and happy stamping Lori Watson postal_mom_2000@yahoo.com

Fran Kennedy

Dance and live as if this were your last. Enjoy every moment. I am almost twice your age.....so love friends and family. Hug someone who has made you upset or angry....it does wonders for your whole being. Wrinkles are earned and are a part of your growth. 33 is so young.....................DO SMILE AND HAVE FUN EVERYDAY

Trish Hughes

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a blessed Christmas. Aside from the advice you received above, I'd like to add this little tip. Take a look at where you're spending your time and see if it lines up with your priorities/goals in life. It is so easy to get sidetracked by things and then experience regrets later because you never found the time to spend on those things that really mattered to you. Hugs, Trish

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