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December 24, 2008


Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Happy Birthday Erika! Cute Hat/bag! :D Hope that you and yours have a very wonderful Christmas!


Happy Birthday Erika! My birthday occasionally falls on Easter and I have always had a cake in the shape of a lamb. It's a 3-D sort of lamb and some years he stands up beautifully - and on others, he's been know to have his head fall off, eyes slide down his face, jelly bean nose spread a wierd colored dye all over his face - that sort of thing! Enjoy your birthday and the holidays!


That is a really Cute hat, & I love the Rice Crispy Treats: Yummy!!

Cheryl Sims

Happy Belated Birthday Erika. Love your cake. As an adult, I don't have any birthday traditions but when I was a little girl, my nana used to make me a homemade angel food cake (they had chickens on their farm, thus many eggs) with 7 minute icing tinted a different color every year. What I wouldn't give for one of her cakes now!!! Thanks for this awesome candy. Journaling has been a weak point for me and this would really help.
Merry Christmas.
Cheryl Sims

Janet B

Happy Birthday! Love your bag/hat--it's so colorful. My favorite birthday tradition is that we always, always, always, sing happy birthday. no one is too old to have that sung to them--it's a struggle with teens, but I always make sure we sing! Merry christmas

Mary Rager

Happy Birthday Erika! Hope your day was wonderful! You still look sixteen too! My favorite birthday tradition is relatively new. My daughter and I get in the kitchen and make my birthday cake together! It is a lot of fun and we make a huge mess!

Donna B

what a great bag/hat! love the colors. Hope you had a wonderful day & I will post on my blog about the giveaway. Love your birthday treat!

Nancy Panko

Happy Birthday Erika!!! For my birthday I like to stay home and enjoy the homemade cake my sweet hubby and kiddos make. The excitement on her faces to present the cake and sing happy Birthday is the best gift to me. I love my birthday...next one coming is big ol' 40! woohoo! I love your cake idea maybe I get one of those for mine, very clever and definetely yummy!


Happy Birthday Erika. My birthday is right after Christmas. The tradition in our family is for the birthday person gets to choose what they want to have for dinner - whether it is to go out or a special home cooked meal plus we get to choose what kind of cake we want. I chose carrot cake this year but love the rice krispie idea.


Go 32!!! Love the hat/bag...your friend needs to post the directions!!! Enjoy your cake AND your day!


Happy Belated Birthday, Ericka! My husband and I share the same birthday, so we usually go out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.


Happy Birthday! I have a tradition to bake my daughters cake by my self. I always make cake with their favorites fairytale characters:). I love to make the invitation on their party. For my party I usually make some good food for my friends.


Happy Birthday! I have a tradition of dinner out with my husband family or friends and then a 7 layer caramel cake for dessert. Once a year it's sooooo good!

Carolyn S

Happy Birthday, Erika! Hope it is a great one. Thanks so much for sharing. On my birthday, I love to have a quiet dinner with my family, usually at a favorite restaurant. This year it fell on Thanksgiving, so I made the dinner, but that was ok, too.

Happy Holidays and may your New Year be awesome!

carolyn s

ceashark at aol dot com


Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas all at the same time. Hope both were lovely! Love the hat...it suits you.

Take care,



I don't have a tradition for my birthday, but this year my niece and I went to a scrapbook expo near Atlanta on my birthday She made me wear a big purple ribbon that said it was my 50th birthday. All day long people kept giving me free stuff. I'm telling you, I sure did want to wear that ribbon every day after that ---- it was great.


Our birthday tradition is for the birthday person to get to pick the meal...either what to have cooked for them, or where to go out to eat. I would love to win your prize.

Lori Q

Happy Birthday!!!

A favorite treat?? I usually have Angel Food cake with strawberries on top... a bit like strawberry shortcake only lighter!!!

I hoep you have a wonderful Holiday!

Lori Q


I'm the 4th birthday in 3 weeks in my family (of 9 total). By the time it got around to me, I'd ask for a plain angel food cake to go along with the REALLY spicy chili I'd make and have everyone eat. They all got to where they preferred it my way -- a gift in itself since I then didn't have to make separate batches. Love the hat/bag. The colors are gorgeous. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

isabel z

What a fun cake:-) Our birthday tradition is that the birthday person gets to choose a restaurant for dinner. Since I do all of the cooking it's a super nice treat for me to get to go out with my family and not have to be in the kitchen on the night of my birthday.

Happy birthday!!! You're right, you are only as old as you feel. I'm a lot older than you, 45, and I still feel like I'm young at heart.


That hat (bag) is adorable! I don't really have any birthday traditions, but my favourite treat is either white chocolate brownie from Moxies, or a no bake cheesecake. I *love* them both.


"Belated Happy Birthday"..
Fantastic Rice Krispie Cake!!
I also love your Hat/bag..
colors are Fabulous.
My family usually take me out
to eat at my favorite chinese
*Wishing you and your family
a Very "Merry Christmas"
and "Happy New Year"

Carolina Buchting

Happy Belated Birthday Erika! Hope you had an amazing Birthday and a wonderful Christmas!!!

Love your hat/bag and your treat looks out of this world yummy! As for my favorite birthday treat - I love cupcake!


We have a special meal for our birthdays and then that persons favorite treat! My would be anything chocolate!!! Would love to win the give away...your class sounds great!!

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Happy Birthday Erica. Oh to be 32 again...I`m turning 56 in Jan. and have loved each year. Your cake is fantastic. I always have cherry cheescake which I adore. I love your hat...it really suits you. I hope you enjoy a fantastic time with your family and friends during this Holiday time.

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