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October 21, 2008


Mary C. Anderson

Erika, do not enter me in your contest. Something humorous. How about something to do with your teen years. :)



How about scrapbooking about a cooking disaster. ( My husband took photos of my first loaves of bread - they were about 2 inches high so I actually have photos of one of my disasters).

Kristin in OH #2764

Hmm..something that just came to my mind is (and I know I am not the only one who does this)what about scrapbooking about our secret chocolate stashes!!! I know I have a special place in the kitchen where I hide my chocolate. When my husband wants to give me a special surprise, he will tuck a little chocolate surprise within my stash. lol ALTHOUGH..I do need to find a different hiding spot, because my 7 yo dd was thrilled a few weeks ago to finally find mom's stash!

Emma M

How about your most embarassing moment?


Erika, how about humour about life? It encompasses the good days and the bad days, but is more realistic and we all know that if we can find humour in it, somehow it helps us. :)


I sure could use this book. I can always use something to help my MOJO! Something humorous..um...um. How about something to do with stamping. Thanks for a chance.

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Hi Erica. How about the funniest thing that happened on your honeymoon. I know my had some very funny spots. The best is in my scrapbook. We arrived at the hotel covered in confetti of course, and the receptionist looked shocked. We were asked to wait and finally they told us. Someone from our family called and made sure that there were twin beds in our room! The poor receptionist looked shocked. By the way it was changed.

Mary R.

How about something humerous that happened during your pregnancy or during child birth. I tell all my friends that I'm tired of all their childbirth stories. Mine was a breeze and I stood up all through childbirth. They throw things at me and tell me to shut up. Oh, BTW, we ADOPTED! LOL


How about all the goofy faces kids (and we) tend to make. "Your Face Will Get Stuck That Way If You Don't Watch Out!"

My daughter has this sideways lip thing that she likes to do. She had the option of getting her wisdom teeth taken out, but she found out that there is a possibility of getting a nerve cut/damaged, and she'd not be able to do her "face". She isn't getting them out until they hurt her. Howzat?

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com


How about scrapping about the crazy things your kids have said, they really do say the darndest things! haha.. :)

Gina Wrona

They say we should all be able to laugh at ourselves, so how 'bout something that you laughed at yourself about?

Thanks for the chance to play!



hmmm... How about your silliest fear?


You always have such a great blog! I love coming here to read stuff!

For something humorous.... how about a wardrobe malfunction?? Like tucking your skirt into your underwear and walking around?? :)

Carolyn Sharkas

Hi Erika,

How about scrapbooking your most embarrassing moment!

Thanks for sharing, the book sounds awesome!

Carolyn S.
[email protected]


How about your inner child. My husband caught me coloring at 2 am and still tells me how he enjoyed seeing that side of me.

Regina Cornelius

humorous, huh? how about the most embarrisng thing your kids have done to you in public...or something they said that really embarrassed you. i will never forget that i revealed what my mom slept in, or didn't sleep in...lol!, over sunday inner at my grandma's! lol!!! that would eb hard to scrapbook...but you get the picture. something that soemone "called you out" on that was funny.


How about something your child has said in a crowded place that made your face turn red...

I will share mine...when my older daughter was about 6, we were walking into a mall and there was an older women dressed umm, somewhat like a prostitute and my daughter yells "Work it, work it, work it lady, work it". (Guess what movie she got that from). Mom my bursted out laughing and I headed back to the car!


I don't know, maybe faces when you are laughing from nice smile up to red face, LOL.
You are so awesome and talented.

God bless


How about something positive?

I like your soulogy project. One day, I'd like to scrap about myself hopefully something I'd like to remember me by.

I'm thinking along the lines of what makes you smile at the end of a day. Or your secret in thriving in chaos.

With a baby in the house, I share my love of singing. The baby knows which book and then selects which page like ordering up a tune. It's quite fun.

When I'm not watching I'll catch the little one flipping pages and humming. cute. We dance together too.

I'm in a melancholy mood. I learned this afternoon that a friend's sister is no longer with us. I told my friend that we always suppose that everyone is happy and living until we next touch base.

This was such a shocker because it was such a routine procedure.

Margaret Crawford

You stamped that! What is the most unusual thing you have stamped? By accident or by choice. That is my suggestion. Margaret


I completely agree with those that say to scrapbook about things your kiddos have done or said.


How about music - the moods that certain kinds of music bring out in you? Love your blog!


How about all those things you now say as a parent, but always swore you never would. You know, the things your mom always said and now you do?

Peggy S from Ohio

How about scrapbooking what always makes you laugh when you think about it - maybe how that has changed from when you were a teen, a wife and now a mother. Hmm - I'll have to think what I'd say has made me laugh over all these ages and stages of my life. Love your work!

Melinda Brein

How about a collection of quirky things said or asked from your kids. I know my kids have come up with some very interesting things - and my responses are equally interesting! ;-) -Melinda

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