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June 14, 2008


Regina Cornelius

oh...am i first???? this is a lot of pressure! i will say you were 19 and davey...22. you were a beautiful bride!!!
happy anniversary erika!


okay.....I say you were 18 and he was 19. Congrats!

Laura Pertot

Hi Erika, What fabulous pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them...you look like Geena Davis! Your dress and flowers are just lovely! I am going to guess that you were 20 and Davy was 21. Happy Anniversary!


Woohoo! Happy Anniversary!! :)
I'm guessing you were 20 and hubby was 22.


I'd say you were both 18 !
Happy anniversary !

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary too... we got married on June, 14th in 2003 !




Sweet! Happy Anniversary!

You are such a beautiful couple, Erika.

Love your hat and gown too. So simple yet so elegent. =)

Happy Father's Day!

ps: 19?


Gosh I remember you talking about this...you were young. I'm pretty sure you were 20 and Davey was a year or two older...so 22?

Best wishes on your anniversary!!!!


Happy Anniversary! What a fun way of celebrating it... I mean not the part where you played tennis in hte hot sun... but being together and doing something you both liked. :o)
I would say you were both 20....


HAppy anniversary to you both! My guess... 20 and 22 :) Have a wonderful day!

charna scarpati

congratulations! i would have to say 19 and 21.

cmc mom in oh

My guess is you were 19 and Dave was 21. Happy anniversary! Isn't it amazing just how fast time does fly by!!


Time flies when you are having fun. Is that what they say? You look like you could be 21 and Dave 26? Am I even close?


Happy Anniversary! I am going to guess you are 18 and your DH is 23.

jennifer e

Happy Anniversary! I'm guessing you were 20 and your DH was 23.


Sorry I'm a day late, but happy anniversary anyway! Wow Erika, you have a STRIKING resemblance to Geena Davis in your wedding picture!! These pictures are the first I've ever seen you with dark hair (and no dreads). How we change through the years eh? I'd guess your ages at about 20 and 21 just looking at the photos. I hope you enjoyed your Reese's pb cups and card. Happy belated anniversary wishes!!

Amber N.

Cute pics...21 and 23 is my guess.


Congrats on your anniversary. You both look young, I would guess 19-20.


You look lovely and happy!
Happy Anniversary!
My guess is that you are 18 and he is 20.


Melissa Singfiel

Love the pics. . .you both look so happy! I'm going to guess that you were 19 and DH was 23. Happy Anniversary!!


Congratulations, Erika! My Mom and Dad celebrated their 39th anniversary on June 14th, and my dh and I went to a wedding of a friend yesterday too, so I think the 14th is a good day for weddings!

My guess is that you were 20 and your hubby was 21.

Beautiful pictures, btw!

kim evans

hmmm...I say you were 21 & he was 24. Congrats on # 11 !!!!

Tina Suzan Frankfort

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I think your ages were: Erika, 19, and Davey was 21.

Congratulations and prayers for another 11 years!!

Tina Suzan

Mary C. Anderson

Happy 11th Anniversary Erika. You both looked so happy on your very special day. It sounds as though you both love your new tennis rackets. I can't believe you played in the high humidity that we have been having. A card, peanut butter cups and the man that you love. It does not get much better then that. Wait! Yes it does. You have 2 very beautiful children.


Nancy P

First off, Happy Anniversary!!! And I think you were 19 and Davy was 20... No matter how "old" you were, you look really young!!! Nancy P...

Lori A.

Congratulations! My hubby and I just celebrated our 11th anniversary on June 9th. :)
As for the age you got married...that's tough. You both look pretty young, but, of course, you still look pretty young now. ;) I'm going to guess y'all were about 19.

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