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May 01, 2008



Hi Erika...
Your mom's recipe sounds delicious...
and the way you tweaked it sounds good too!
Your clear cookie box is Beautiful!!
I love the way you made it..and added the
patterned paper around the middle.
Tag and ribbon really dresses it up :)
Wonderfully packaged!
What a Fabulous Gift!!!
Thanks for sharing...
*I checked out your mom's blog
and subscribed...
"I love to Bake"...she has a nice blog!

Erin Glee

How did you stop at only ONE cookie with your Chai tea for breakfast? Those cookies look so good I would have needed at least a few more than that! I love how you packaged them up, too...and if the box is 8x8, those are generously sized cookies! Thanks for all the details!


Ohhhh.........another yummmmmmmmmy recipe!!! I LOVE that box......I've never tried making one before...they're adorable!!! I definitely will have to put this on my list of projects to try!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your mom's recipes!

Mary C. Anderson

I love the box that you made to give a cookie in as a gift Erika. I used to like White chocolate but since I found out that it really wasn't chocolaate and how it is not very good for you I stopped eating it. I eat only 70-72% chocolate now. However, if I were to have chocolate cake,cookies or cupcakes well then that is another whole story. YUM! You and your Mom make a great team.


rae clevett

What a great gift idea! The box and the cookies look delish!

Tina Suzan

WELL, yet another great gift item filled with TOTALLY delicious, scrumptious, How can you eat only one or two????? :} item!!! Girl you never cease to amaze me! Tell your mom I said "THANKS" for all her goody recipes and of course....FOR YOU!!!
Tina Suzan Frankfort


I've been enjoying visiting your blog for some time now and have just beagn baking you Mum's delish white chocolate cookie recipe. They are heavenly. So far the first ( and second) batch have only just made it out of the oven before my family have swooped in to devour them! I love the way you've packaged them and think I will have a go at the box tommorrow to share some with our neighbours! Thanks, once again.


They look delicious - I might have to give them a try!
And I'm with you on the white chocolate thing - I've tried and tried to like it, but it's just not going to happen!!


*drooling* Yum-oh! These cookies look so delicious and I love the way you packaged them. It's all good! pass me a cookie please? (or 12) LOL

christina fischer

There's no way I could have stopped at one cookie!! I agree with you -- semisweet chocolate and pecans is the perfect combination! :)

The packaging is just perfect -- what a great way to use those window sheets!

Shawn Kreig

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Not like white chocolate? That's crazy girl! :) But then I'm not really a fan of regular chocolate so I guess we are both a bit odd! Can't wait to try this recipe. Your box is tooo cute!

Shawn K


I just noticed the new picture you posted of yourself! How you can keep reinventing your look is amazing! You look great with your hair pulled back! Love it!


Man Erika, you kill me with these yummy cookies every week!!!:) I luv to bake and use to make cookies every week for my family, now that the girls are grown and gone I no longer do it. I'm diabetic and can't stand the no sugar recipes!!! So no more baked goods every week. I know if I baked for just me and dh I'd eat myself into a coma while he was at work!!!!!!:) I luv to see all your awesome packaging ideas!
Dee Jackson

Joliane Ratelle


Érika, go to see my blog, you have the TAG! ;)

Melanie Muenchinger

I love the way you've been getting so much use out of the tin set for your make it bake it take it, fun with food!!!! That tag is so cute, I would die to get this cookie(keep the tag forever, devour the cookie in 2 seconds... :) hugs,

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