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April 02, 2008



What a great layout! And an adorable young man too.

I was surprised when they gave some stats about autism on the news last night. I don't remember the exact numbers but it was comparing how many kids were diagnosed with it in the 70's vs today. It was a huge increase.



OH WOW Erika this is just adorable. I always love you family scrapbooking pages and this has just topped the lot! I think this is absolutely brilliant and it should get people aware of your precious son's battle, he is a great kid by looking at your photos :) Well Done!


your page is fantastic & your words so loving & heartfelt. I really like the part where you say you are the perfect parent for Zach but not the perfect parent. I do not know you but can tell by your words you have embraced your position & are handling it so well. Love the pic of you together. My friend's grandson is autistic & plan to share your page with her, she will be touched as well.

Jessi Fogan

Hi Erika - I check your blog out all the time, not only for the eye candy but for the glimpses into another family dealing with autism. My boys (9 & almost 8) were both dx'ed in 2003, and sometimes it feels like we live on another planet compared to 'typical' families. I love what you do, and how you bring awareness of autism to a wider audience...thanks, from me & on behalf of my Connor & Riley :)

Jennie T.

Erika, your page is awesome. I was moved to make a page yesterday, too, when I found out about the World Awareness Day. Though my kids are not diagnosed with Autism, the delays that they have are helped tremendously by the same educators and advocates. And I can't help but be touched by all of the amazing moms like you who offer so much support in the midst of your own challenges and triumphs. Big huge hugs from me :) (elliesmom)
p.s. I wasn't going to post my page, but you inspired me to share, too.

Patty W

Lovely Erika!


This is a fabulous page. There is so much on it. Wonderful pictures and great information and yet it is so well put together that there is no sense of it being cluttered or over busy. Great job and what a wonderful son you have!


As usual, your scrapbook pages blow me away. I had no idea there was a single day set aside, sad I missed it this year.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Kristin in OH

What a beautiful lo Erika. That is one thing that I love about your lo's. Your lo's don't only preserve the memories, but they serve to teach each one of us about a very special part of your life. Thank you for that.


Erika.. This page really touches the Heart!
The photo's and the layout are remarkable...
I can see and read the "LOVE"
The colors and embellishments are wonderful!
I think that a lot of people are not aware
or do not understand Autisim. They are very
smart children. You are a wonderful Loving Mom!!
Keep fighting for the cause...
God Bless...


Erika, Im so glad to call you Friend. Your soul is something to be admired. Your children are so blessed to have you as thier mother, yet I'm sure you would say you were the fortunate one! Thank you for sharing such personal insite with us and inspiring me with your talents.
Hugs, Lourin

Russ Jones

LOVE that page!!! You are so flippin talented, it's ridiculous!


What a beautiful and moving page.


Wow Erika!!! What a fabulous layout!! And such an amazing young man!! I love so much how you fight for your kids and awareness!! I didn't know April was Autism Awareness month!! But I sure am glad there are parents like you who are making sure that these children have a voice and can grow up with the world at their fingertips and not miss out on a thing!!! Hugs!!


Thank you!! Thank you for sharing your layout, thank you for sharing the staggering statistics, and thank you for reminding the stamping community of Gina K's stamp for a cause stamps! My son was recently diagnosed with autism. He is also brilliant and surprises us and his teachers every day at just how smart he really is!


What an awesome layout! Thanks for all that you do to make the stamping community aware of these sad but staggering statistics. TFS!


Love that page Erika, as always! And you know of course this is a subject close to my heart!... I think I am intimidated to try and scrapbook Noah but I really want to do it, it will be emotional to do so, but priceless to try and put down on paper what he is to me!♥
I think Worls Autism Awareness Day might be something new because I never heard about it before this year either...

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