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March 27, 2008


Donna Baker

this is so awesome! never heard of the mint non-pareils. the regular ones were my mom's favorite candy. I watched the original Willy Wonka so many times I lost count too...love that! Violet, you're turning Violet? Wasn't that girl the nastiest?! I wanted to drink from the chocolate river too. My friend and I made up our own song like the Oompa Loompas sang, it was too funny


I'm sooooooooo happy I'm not the only one who has been quoting "Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker"!!!! I'm driving my hubby batty!! LOL Ever since I saw that sentiment I've been obsessed and even watched Willy Wonka again because of it!! Yes, this tin is the cutest.....I just love those colors! And I also had never heard of mint non-pareils......YUM!!!

Melanie Muenchinger

you're killing me with all this matching candy!! :D
Love the "bug jars"! outift it with a tiny palstic magnifiying glass and tweezers and he's good to go!! ;) (nice suggestion about the leather cord to make it into a man purse LOL!!)

Melanie Muenchinger

PS That's RIGHT where I want my candy!! within fingertip reach LOL!!!!!!!!!

Brian Aslak

Candy is dandy...

but liquor is quicker.


too cute Erika! Now you've made me want to run out and buy some nonperils! Shame on you! LOL

Kristin in OH

Erika...All I can say is WILLY WONKA ROCKS! When I was reading your blog, I had to remind myself that this WASN'T me writing this. When I was younger, I so wanted to be the one who fell into the chocolate river, I wanted to be the one who turned into a blueberry, & ultimately the one who won the chocolate factory. I too get a little excited each time I open a chocolate bar, and I will sometimes even yell "I won the golden ticket!"lol Oh yeah..one more thing...and who DIDN'T want to own their own Oompah Loompah!? I know I did! Have a great night Erika! And thanks for letting me know I am not alone. lol

Bunny B

As usual, that's so lovely! And Willy Wonka was one of my fave movies when I was a kid!! It must have been such bliss for you growing up in a bakery! :)

Christina Fischer

That movie is one of my favorites!!! The new one just doesn't compare!! I also thought it would be so cool to be in that candy forest, and a chocolate river... heaven! Love your "wristy" filled with chocolates -- what a wonderful gift it would be!!


Love the tin idea, very cute! I too have a Crop-A-Dile, it is a wonderful tool, but have you seen the new one? It's some BIG one, I saw it online. It's about $40, but it looks cool. I forgot the name off hand, I will have to find it and let you know.

Juli Smith

Very cute! Would be a great project for a birthday party or girl scout event. I don't think I could keep the candy that close to me - LOL. I need to keep candy (well, soem kinds anyways!)far, far away. Which reminds me - how do you stay the size you look to be if you love chocolate so much? Now there's a question for Q&A Sunday! heehee what exactly is Erika's diet and exercise daily plan?! THANKS for sharing!


"...and ate the ones that wouldn't fit in the tin......because, well, you know......I didn't want them to feel left out or like they weren't as special as the other nonpareils. I had to give equal opportunity to all of the chocolates.".....

LOL! :-)

I can't believe you didn't have a Crop-a-dile yet, even I have one, ;-) and I love it.... :-) Enjoy!

Gina Wrona


Oh Erica,
I have to tell you, we've been scared to death this week with my son. He had a night/day behavior personality change to the point the school called. Turns out, it was a side affect/symptom of strep throat & taking Children's allergy clariton for the first time. Thank God we found out and it is treatable.

Mary C. Anderson

I love this Wristy. It is so adorable. I'm a little too old to be wearing one but it certainly would make me smile if I saw someone wearing one of them. I hope that you one day get a chocolate bar with a fake golden ticket inside of it. :)If I were a candy maker then I would make one for you. I just thought of 2 young ladies who would absolutely love one of these wristys. Thanks Erika for sharing your awesome talent.



Love this little tin! I was a Willy Wonka fan too. In elementary school they bussed us over to the high school auditorium each year and played the movie on the big screen. Still remember that. I also don't have a Crop-o-dile...so you aren't the last one! Great job all the way around.


Lori Barnett

Those tins are SO AWESOME! Great ideas are brewing in my head :) You make the "bestest" stuff :)


Oh, how totally adorable! I watched Willy Wonka just today, hehe...before I saw your yummy tin! I just love your dp's and fun color combo--very dandy, indeed!

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