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March 06, 2008



Ummmmmmmmm...........Yum, Yum, and sooooooooooo YUM!!!!!!! LOL I love the blinged up nugget tin!! What a great idea!! Yep.....I just KNEW I'd love the baking and treat and gift ideas......OH MY!!!! And yes.......PB and chocolate were very much meant to be together!!! I don't even bother trying to hide it in my house.......I swear they sniff them out!!! Thanks for sharing such a "sweet" idea and very delicious-sounding and looking recipes!!!

Bunny B

MMMmmmMMMmmmm!! Love this! I can taste the brownies already! Love the decorated tin too - that's so cool! Am definitely heading on over to your mom's blog and subscribing!


Oh, is that darling.I just love what you did with the tin. I can taste the brownies too and they are delicious.

teresa chapman

Your posts crack me up ... and I thought I was the only one who picked up empty candy wrappers, changed the empty toilet paper roll, and put empty containers from the fridge to the recycling bin :) Your brownies sound yummy and have me craving some PB cups! Great project. As ususal your work inspires me!


Alison Snow

Oh my, I'm drooling on my keyboard again... ;)

I have to ask - who gets all these awesome treats and tins that you make up???



Yummy, yummy. You can almost taste it through the computer. I'll have to try this one.

Alesha Walls

Awesome tin and thank you so much for that recipe!


can you say YUM-OH!!! I sure could use one of those delicious-looking brownies right about now! TFS this great idea! (drool)


Hi. My Name is Angie and I am a peanut butter/chocoholic too! Guess what I had for dessert last night???? Yup! peanut butter and chocolate. Only I just got a gob of PB onto a spoon, dumped a bunch of chocolate chips into a bowl, and had a delicious dessert! I'm gonna try your Mom's recipe soon, I'm actually going to call my Mom (who's at the store right now) and have her buy some peanut butter cups!!! Thanks for enabling me!

Kim Marie


Erika, no need for a new hiding place. Just file them under "extra chores" or "bills to pay"...no one will look there! Tee hee!
Kim :)


I love this! I love those tags!

Mary C. Anderson

UGH! I just finished my post to you but lost it before I could send it. Okay, I will try again. Your brownies look delicious. I wish that you and I lived in the same area so that I could hold your stash for you and you could give me one of your brownies. I hate to bake but I will be trying out a few of your mother's recipes. I visited her blog and oh boy! I'm not suppose to eat sugar but I will be soon. :) Your tin came out very pretty Erika. Awesome project once again.



Genius, I say!! :D
can't wait to make these!

christina fischer

I don't know which I like better -- the container or the thought of eating those brownies!! Love your story about the disappearing PB cups -- that would SO happen at my house! :)


Nothing sounds or looks yummier right now then your brownies!!!! Oh my goodness, make sure to have 2 for me!

(you've had the chocolate-chai rice milk right? I know that's another favorite you have.)


Mmm, Mmm, Good... Thanks for sharing the recipe... And please tell Mom "Thank You" too!!! Nancy...


what a fun idea to package brownies like this! who wouldn't love to get this? love the bling on it

boos cutting boards

These brownies look so yummy!!! I wish my mom would make some of these.

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