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February 20, 2008



Your layout is simply beautiful in so many ways. My daughter is 19 years old and has Autism also. I am wiping away the tears, I totally get your LO and especially your words. To be honest I really hadn't thought to do a LO expressing my feelings about the concerns I have with having a child with Autism. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


Erika, this is AWESOME! i love your page!


Erika.........I'm so amazed by you!! You have shared so fantastically deeply that it cannot help BUT effect some wonderful changes and progress!!! This layout is phenomenal!! The anger that you were able to channel into a beautiful gift is a talent and also such wisdom at the same time for all of us!! And touches all moms.......I want those same things for my kids........and we all should want those things for every child!! You are so right.....life is capricious and we don't know what the future may hold.....it's always a wonderful reminder to thoroughly enjoy and love those closest to us while we can!! Kids grow up so quickly.....I can't believe mine are teenagers!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sharla Carbine

This page gives me goosebumps. Thank you so much for sharing.

Sheri Coleman

This layout is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes!! I realize you feel this more deeply than the rest of us, and why you do - but please know - I feel this for my son also. But I feel in my heart the yearning that you feel to protect your son. I feel that same protectiveness for so many children because our world has gone so terribly wrong.

You have soemthing so sweet and precious and innocent - unmarred, unblemished, perfect - and the world looks at it (him) through their filthy, scratched glasses and sees something totally different. You want to scream at them, Can't you see what I'm seeing? Are you blind? What is wrong with you?

Sorry for the rant.... I feel strongly about the differently abled.

All my love to all of you


WOW Erika, This is such beautiful page and the journaling too.

I've been checking your blog for about a year or so. My mom's best friend's son is also autism and he's also deaf. He is 32 year old. I remember growing up and could not understand why he was in his own world; but as I got older I understood. I just saw him a year ago (they're in TN and I'm in IL) and he still is the same but somewhat more withdrawn.

I applaud you for bring autism to the awareness around the world. I look forward to seeing more works of yours.

Thank you for sharing this such personal experience.

Patty W

Amazing. You. Are. Amazing.

I have a greatneice that is Autistic. Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to get to know her. She lives in Colorado and has for most of her life. And, I didn't even know this until about 3 years ago! (She's about 15 now) My sister and her family moved (again) out there from Maryland a long, long time ago and her daughter and family moved out too. Tabitha was a beautiful girl and I'm sure she still is...they just don't believe in keeping in touch, I guess... (can you tell we've all drifted apart!)

I'm getting off track... just thinking of my neice makes me hope/wish she's been able to have what she needs.

Love 'n Hugs

Kathy W

Absolutely love this layout. First, the photo speaks volumes. Second, you always do such a great job showing how journaling is powerful, important, and artistic on a layout. And finally, I really like the font of the title and those little star brads to bullet each point. All punctuated by having that heart by the most important journaling piece of all. A priceless layout, for sure. Thanks for sharing; makes me want to call my son (a 20 yr old, 800 miles away) and give him phone hugs.


I'm speechless and deeply touched by your words on this page. It screams at us to remember what really matters most in life - which a lot of folks tend to forget. Thanks for sharing such a powerful suggestion to enrich our lives. Blessings to you and your precious family:)

Carolynn Waldner

Your layout is beautiful and perfect, I LOVE it! Blessings~


I love these scrap pages you have been sharing and especially your journaling. It brings a tear to my eye, it is so sweet and wonderfully said.


I hope you realize that God puts special children with special parents and you fit that role. You (and Zach) are so blessed to have each other.

Gina Wrona

Wow, Erika, I'm speechless.

We just had a local tragedy here in Michigan. A house fire claimed the life of a little 8yr old boy who goes to the same elementary school as my daughter. We just know the street he lives on and that his sister & mother escaped by jumping out the window. The firemen couldn't go into the house to save him in time because the utility company's couldn't shut the power off in time. How heart wrenching sad for him to die in the fire and for his family.

Please pray for them, okay?

Sarah Anderson

What a great page (and photo)! Thank for sharing such a personal thing with all of us! ....hmmmm...now I'm getting the scrapbooking bug, too!


Love the page and the journaling. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your great love for Zach will keep him safe and sound.


Love the page and the journaling. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your great love for Zach will keep him safe and sound.


This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks!!!


beautiful page I love you blog I think I have mentioned that before but its a real treat each day

Mary Young

Erika, this page is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Just wanted you to know that it touched me. Sincerely, Mary


Oh Erika, this page is beautiful and you made me cry again. You are no good for my stash of tissues! I so feel every word you wrote. I'd like to keep my little guy protected in my arms forever. It is very hard for me to lead him toward independence (even though I want to) because I am a little overprotective and I want to spare him as much heartache and frustation as I can...
God bless you for spreading the world and sharing your life with Zach with others. People need to know that it is a beautiful life too...

As for the article you linked, I am so disgusted that I don't even have the words, but I will pass it around. It's unbelievable that things like that can happen in our society! I'm shocked and enraged. :-(



As usual, you have trusted complete strangers with the intimate details of your life and for that reason, we all want to embrace you and your family. That article just made my blood pressure pop and I can fully understand your primal urge to take your children and run. How lucky you are though, to be able to express and channel these emotions and feelings in such a beautiful and artistic way.

I only hope to one day become half as talented a scrapbooker as you.

Thank you so much,


Carolyn King

AMAZING...what a touching tribute to your son!

Beautifully done....


This is an awesome layout....love the photo and the feelings expressed....just awesome.

Debbie Olson

Erika, I am touch to read your words and see the depth of your heart. May God bless you and Zach!


Your layout sums up perfectly everything I wish I could do for my son, he's 9 and autistic too. I found it hard to read the article as I could not believe how anyone could be so cruel and insensitve to an autistic childs needs as that government have been. Unfortunately this is the reality that we sometimes have to face. There are still so many people in the world who do not understand autism and therefore what is best for our children. My heart goes out to that family and I hope they get their son back soon.

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