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February 17, 2008



That was a powerful story to share and wonderful scrapbook page. My daughter works with handicapped children and has had lots of experience with Autisti childeren and I have learned so much from her. Your son is so lucky to have you for a mother. There was something Erma Bombeck wrote in one of her books about God gives us what we can deal with and it was really neat. He choose you to be his mom because he knew you could do a wonderful job!!


Your scrapbook pages always blow me away! They are so full of details and something new always pops out at me the longer I look at them. The wishes you have for him are all wonderful, even the "selfish mommy" one!


Your scrapbook page is priceless. You have an amazing story you are telling and sharing. You are doing a wonderful thing by sharing your story with others in hopes to help someone and make a difference in that person's life. You are a remarkable women! I have posted a meme on my blog in hopes others will see it and then venture over here to your blog. I wish you the best. You and your family are in my thoughts.



So very fantastic and moving!!

Kim Marie

thank you for sharing Zach with us :)


Beautiful layout. You said you knew you wanted to use that picture for a while. It is a very interesting and evocative photo. What was it about the photo that spoke to you?


I enjoyed reading about your personal wishes and your wishes for Zach. I don't think you are selfish at all. I think you are being a wonderful mom, providing a secure, loving life, and safe haven for a special child that you worry about. So many do not have a great mom like you, I applaud you. My mom volunteered and then worked with many special children, often dropped off and forgotten at a home (some necessary, some not). She'd bring them home, and I'd go to school and help her or at home, they were all such wonderful deserving children, who expected nothing, but whom I all think just wanted someone to care and take time with them, and my mom was trying to give them the things their moms/parents were not, by caring and giving them normal fun things in life, loving them, hugging them, laughing with them, teaching them, and in their lives going the xtra mile, ... cooking classes, a birthday party, Sunday dinners at our house, backyard bar-b-ques, a surprise here and there. We'd turn our home upside down with ramps and all, just to have them all over. These children were so sweet and special, I just loved them. Zach is lucky to have YOU! and I think that great things are definitely possible. :))) hugs.

Jana Weaver

I love this page Erika...his eyes are so beautiful and you can see so much in them! And as usual, your writing has brought me to tears - but not of sadness. Because you are so positive and have so much positive energy. How can Zach be anything but perfect with so much behind him helping him along the way!

Heather Fullerton

There is nothing stronger than a mother`s love. I feel privileged to be such a small part of your world through your sharing. You make me proud to be a mother. Be safe in the knowledge that you need your son as much as he needs you. Be happy and may all your wishes for Zack be fulfilled.
Retired Heather
PS the scrapbook page is fantastic...moving and full of wonder.

Patty W

Lovely Erika !

You are amazing with your thoughts and being able to put them in writing . It's wonderful that you are proactive and search out what is best for Zach. He's an amazing little man too.. Still love the pic of him on the beach...it speaks to me.

Love 'n Hugs to you both!


Great page... love the photo... the chipboard letter are cool... also like your journeling... TFS!


What an awesome layout & such powerful journaling. We as mother's want the best for our children. I hope that your wishes for Zach come true.


WOW...Erika, your words are truly amazing and powerful, you have a lot of strength and courage to never give up! Your words are an inspiration to anyone dealing with life's struggles! The page is fantastic and I love the patterened paper as a background, it really brings out Zach's picture.

Beth Gaudio

Beautiful words

christina fischer

Erika, this post brought me to tears. Everything about it is beautiful. Your words are strong and hopeful, and your scrapbook page is amazing. God surely knew what He was doing when he gave Zach to you! :)

Gina Wrona

Those wishes are so awesome! And, so is your scrapbook artwork! Makes you stop and think about the things we all take for granted.

dana j

What a wonderful post! That layout is moving and inspiring. Hugs to you all.


Ok, please put "tissue required" warnings at the beginning LOL!!!
Wow - your words just humble me and make me reflect on my love for the two sons that I have. They are both college age and I have my days of frustration because I don't see them wanting to move on with life (well at least think about moving out of the house) and here are mothers like yourself that experience some of life's most challenging emotions with your son, wondering how life will be just for that day. It's hard when you want your children to grow up but we also want to be selfish and keep them all to ourselves.
When I read this, it made me think of two different songs that I listened to lately (the first one I sang with my husband several years back at church and the other one we are currently working on). The first is called Unanswered Prayer (which pretty much says, thank you Lord for not answering those prayers that I thought I had to have) and the other song is called Unwritten by Hilary Weeks. The song takes each day as a page in your life that was not written because you stayed on the path that God led you on and didn't stray. I am thankful for the roads never traveled, for pain I never knew, the places that God kept me from. . . thankful for the stories that remain unwritten.
I attended a scrapbooking event last year and Stacy Julian introduced us to this last song. It has really impacted my life and if you have the opportunity to find and listen to it, I think you will agree that God has blessed you and Zach with unwritten pages that so many family have gone through. Zach is a wonderful blessing from God.
Ok, enough of my blubbering and I must go find a tissue!
Thanks for allowing me to share!
Blessings and (((HUGS)))


It's me again! I forgot to tell you that I love the layout! I plan on scraplifting it this week!


beautiful page.
thanks for sharing

Maria from Kitchen Sink

this is so beautiful Erika!!!!


Ho you page is so beautiful and meaninful. I'm an OT and I did work with kids that have autism in the past. Your wishes for your son are so touching thanks for sharing with us!

Shawn K.

What a beautiful poignant page...thank you for sharing your life with us.

Shawn K.

Susan Hall

I saw this page the day you put it up and didn't really take the time to look at the picture. I came back to it today and was reminded of your "mini me" picture with your daughter. I can see you in his eyes. So I guess you have Two Mini Mes. Too Cool!!!

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