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January 01, 2008


Kim C.

It as only by chance that I met my husband, I guess it would be called fate. I went out with a couple of girlfriends in college to a college hockey game. After the game they wanted to go to a party and of course I didn't drive so I had to go along since home was twelve miles away. I was totaly bored and kept prompting the rest to leave. As I walked into the kitchen I saw my friend talking to this guy and at that moment I knew I was in for a long night. I can't remember how exactly it happened but awhile later I am flinging playing cards into a basket to pass the time and that same guy was picking up the ones that missed and started to pitch them in as he was as bored as I was. We spent the rest of the night talking and he called 2 days later and asked me out to dinner. That was 24 years ago.

Karla Langstraat

First semester of our freshman year of college we were in our very first college course together but didn't meet until 2nd semester. We started dating our Junior year and got married following our graduation. Now 20 years, 3 children, several furry critters later, may some rest in peace, we are together and going strong.


Happy New Year! I met my guy at our first job out of college - we were both IT consultants working at a major bank in NYC, but on different projects. They tell you never to date a coworker, but we *were* on different projects and not technically working together ;) We met an amazing group of friends during that time -- still friends with quite a few of them. It has been almost 10 years since we met!


I met my hubby on a blind date. (I also met my first hubby on a blind date) We have been married 19 1/2 yrs and have 2 kids together (I have 2 from the first) He was told by the woman he rented his house from that a grandmother and grandaughter lived next door. Well they lived on the other side of me and he met my roommate first and said how was it living with her grandmother!
She laughed at that one. We didn't actually meet until about 3 mos later. Our schedules were such that we never crossed paths. He gave my kids an easter basket and after callong all over the neighborhood to find out who left it, I ventured next door. We started dating after that. Sorry so long!


I met my best friend in church what a great place to meet .


Funny Question you ask today.. I had just relived this story for a customer/friend earlier today in fact. I was planning to enjoy a Girls Night out with a few co-workers one afternoon at work when I approached the breakroom and overheard the two of them conspiring to set me up with some guy when we all went out. I was currently in the process of a divorce from my husband at the same time. My first thought was NO WAY! I told them both to forget it, I was staying home. I'd just play some online games with my new computer. Well, my game of choice was ACROPHOBIA, but the site was down. So, I logged on to M-Player for the first time ever and The rest is History. I stumbled into a game room called "come on in if you want" and my husband was one of the people in the room. We chatted as a group of people each night and after a few weeks he asked for my phone number and we spoke on the phone, few months later he hopped a plane and came to visit... Here we are 8 years later, married with our oldest two children from my first husband and our Son together. His screenname was Shadowsunn and mine was LazerBabe, We had a son, his legal name is Shadow .... Good thing it wasn't a girl eh? Oh yeah, So much for not getting set up, but staying home and playing some computer game. LOL
You always pose such great blog candy questions.
Great big Hugs, Happy New year!


Happy New Year.... I met my DH through his roommate 7 years ago and I'm so glad We met...


Happy New Year. Thanks for the inspirations!!! I met my best friend and husband in the 3rd Grade...I thought he was menally challenged in his plaid pants and horn rimmed glasses....we started dating at our senior picnic, and now have been married for 23 years!!!


i met my husband on a blind date arranged by our parents. I was living in Florida at the time and my hubbie lived in NY. I met my husbands father who was a business associate of my fathers, and he wanted me to meet his son. He told my hubby that he met a girl with a great personality and he wanted him to call me. He did. When I came to visit my mom in NY, i met my husband in NYC. I described my dress to him and he described the car he would be driving at the arranged meeting place! He gave me his license plate number!LOL! we were engaged 6 months later!

Sally (CKMom)

Wonderfully fun blog goodies!
I met my DH when I was teaching and a substitute teacher wanted to introduce me to one of her DH's employees. Blind date and all, went to dinner, dated, now married almost 19 yrs.

Kerry J.

Happy New Year to you and your family!! I met my husband in university and we've been together ever since! Thanks for the awesome give-away!


Actually it's kind of a long story but the short version is that we met in an evening computer class. He was a UPS driver and I worked at a bank and after we met in class he would leave those little yellow UPS notes on my car with little messages on them. We joke about it now and say that we can't remember anything about the class or anyone that was in it because we only had our eyes on each other!!! We started dating in Dec. of '94, got engaged in August of '95 and got married in September of '95!!!

Ellie Augustin

Well this story use to make people look at me funny and say REALLY now all I hear is OH ok.. lol I meet my Hubby online 8 yrs. ago when it was still Taboo to meet people you meet online! lol..
I was at work and one of my friends had dared me to email him (he had a personal on Yahoo) and I said OH whatever and I did.. and then we started talking back and forth online and on the phone and a month later we meet in front of Madison Sq. Garden and he meet me with a Rose in his hand HE DID NOT LOOK ANYTHING like his picture either! LOL I was like HUH But I said oh what the heck and I fell in love with my very shy sweet love.. I always use to think I NEVER EVER want to get married and a month into our relationship I found myself daydreaming of what it would be to be his wife. My dream came true 10 months later. I have been so blessed with my wonderful husband he has brought me the joy and love I never thought could be possible I always feel so loved by him and even though we are not prefect and we have walked the hardest roads together we have done it just that together. For him and our life and family we have formed together I say thank you each moment I get.


Happy New Year, Erika! I met my husband 18 years ago through a mutual friend. We were friends for 6 years and actually shared an apartment together before we ever dated. Most people date first and live together second, but we did it the other way around!

Kerry Morgan

Pat S.

Hi Erika!
Happy New Year to you!
Thank you for offering that sweet blog candy...just in time for making those valentine swaps :)

I met my best friend in high school. We graduated 30 years ago (!) and we are still in touch.

Kerry Fitzpatrick

In the 8th grade, my Husband to be, sent me a note that made me laugh out loud and I got kicked out of class...and since I was a cheerleader, I couldn't cheer for the next game. We started dating in 9th grade and have been married 38 years, so far. He still makes me laugh and I'm maddly, deeply and completely in love with the man.

diane mcvey

I met my husband in college, when I was going out with another guy that lived in the same apartment....
I met my best friend, when I was selling Avon door to door in Texas...we are still in touch weekly, but have only seen each other once in over 20 years.
The phone is a wonderful thing! :D
Thanks for the great offering!
Diane McVey dinobomp@aol.com

Kathi B

Happy New Year! What a great giveaway.

I met my hubby over the internet. He lived in California and I lived in Wisconsin. He grew up in Wisconsin so we had some things in common. We started talking online and progressed to the phone. 6 months later we met in person in Las Vegas. After 2 years of a long distance relationship I moved to California to be with him. Today is our anniversary. We got married 1-1-00. It is very hard for him to forget our anniversary or how long we have been married. It has been 8 wonderful years together.


Hi Erika! I met my DH at a wedding that I crashed. I wasn't invited to the wedding, but all my friends were going. Living in a small town, there wasn't anything else to do that night, so I tagged along. We have been married for over 11 years!

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

What fun candy!! I met my hubby on the first day of my Freshman year of college. He was assigned to me to be my big buddy (he was a Sophomore) and was supposed to show me around campus, eat with me at the cafeteria, etc. I guess he didn't know that his job was only supposed to last 1 week!! By the way, I love the new photo of you. It is beautiful!

Sheri Coleman

Vance and I met at a Christian singles dance. He was the singles group person in charge of "greeting" newcomers and letting them know what activities were going on. He wasn't at church the first Sunday I went so we didn't meet, but he called me on Friday to give me the info. One of the girls I had met on Sun was going to the dance that was happening that night, so I called her for directions. She immediately called him and convinced him to come so he could meet me. He had not been planning to go. We started hanging out at the single's events and dating after that, and were married 8 months later! ;) Our 10 year anniersary is this coming June.


I met my husband when we were in grade school. I chased him until we were both in college. Quite a catch - we will celebrate our 40th anniversary in March.


I met my husband by Internet!... we have chat for 1 year and one night he did not seem to be ok so he gave me his phone number and we went from calling each other to meeting, to visiting more often to dating ... to getting married! :)
Happy new year to you! :)

Kelli C.

Oooh, some great goodies!

How did I meet my SO? In a psych hospital. Yep, a psych hospital. We both worked there. I love seeing people's reactions when I tell them how we met.
Anyway, we both worked there but in different areas. I'd seen him around but thought he was actually a guy my best friend had the hots for. (It wasn't) We ran into each other at a local bar and he talked to me for a bit. Later on that week at work he stopped by my office. He proceeded to ask me out in front of my co-workers so there was no way I could turn him down. And, yeh, that was his plan he later admitted!
So there ya go! That's how we met. We dated 5 months and had our 18th wedding anniv. in November.

Brenda H.

Sweet candy...thanks for this chance to win!! My hubby and I met in College...but I was dating someone else at the time! Blessings in 2008!
~Brenda H.

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