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January 01, 2008


Wendy Todd

I just love the bright colours in this paper! Gorgeous! I can already see an acetate album forming with them! I met my husband on the internet! I wasn't looking for love, I was only 18, but we met and the rest, as they say, is history! We've been married almost 8 years now and have a gorgeous 15 month old son.

Sue B

I met my DH at my workplace ... we'd both hung with the same group of friends and went to the same movies and concerts and sledding outings a buddy and I organized. We generally gravitated toward each other and eventually started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history ...

later, alligator!
- SueB of sueblondin.blogspot.com


I meet my DH in high school while participating in Mock Trial. Yes...we are high school sweethearts! It still works...we have been together for 20 yrs and married for 13.5 years.


I met my other half at a baseball game. He was playing.....I was watching.....LOL. He was in the military so after the ball game it was back to the mess for a beer....
Here we are 40 years later.......we don't drink much beer anymore.....*wink*

Heather Grow

I don't have a boyfriend but I have two best friends that I met my sophmore year in high school. I met the one in PE class and the other was introduced to me by another girl from the same PE class. We still giggle like high school girls whenever we are together.


Wow! Now that's some fun blog candy!

As for how I met my DH, I had been doing some online dating and was about to give it up. I had e-mailed him before making that decision and he said he was busy for a couple of weeks and would get back to me. I thought that was a kiss off, so I stopped with the dating for a bit and then suddenly got a note from him a couple of weeks later! We chatted online first, then on the phone and met in person after a couple of weeks and the rest, as they say, is history! Lesson: Never give up! :o)



OMG it's a funny story...
because I first met my hubby in 1999 at a friend's party... I found him nice and amusing... but even if he spent the evening laughing with me, he asked my friend for another girl's phone number (the other girl's name was Sophie... just like me !! so my friend thought he wanted MY phone number !!)
So after we "cleared" the story, we met randomly at parties, but just as friends.
The next year, we met again at that same friend's...
(God I can't help but smile...lol) my hubby saw me walking down the stairs...and his heart just started beating for me !!! lol
I was a bit afraid because MY heart had started beating for him too ! Next week we met and went for a walk... and never left each other since then !
And I'm so proud to say now that we've been married for 4 years and a half, and got two wonderful kids !

Happy new year to you, and thanks for this question ! (remembered me sweet memories...)

Amy D

My honey and I met in college. This will sound like a cliche but we met in chemistry class. We've been together almost 16 years. Married 11 of those.


I met my hubby of almost 15 years when I was 15 1/2. I was working at Burger King. (Yes, I had lied about my age...) He and his friends who were 4 years older than me, came through the drive thru. Brian, asked me for my phone number, and being a young kid, gave it to him! A few days later he called! I was just turning 16 and he had just turned 19! I lied to my mom about his age....I told her he was a senior and was just 18. We dated all through my high school years. I went to NIU and dated him then as well. The year I graduated we got married. Oh yea, my mom does know his real age now!


i met my husband in Germany. I was helping moving my girlfriend into her boyfriends condo and he was looking outside his living room window... i guess thats when it happended :-) he came down but we did not really talk. My girlfriend invited him later to a dinner she made as a thank-you for moving. after that we were never appart. 11 months later his contract in germany was over and he had to move back so we decided to get married and thats how we ended up in michigan - having 2 kids and still going strong.

thanks erika

Ally Warner

We had mutual friends that set us up! It was love at first sight. We dated and married in two in a half months and we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

Jan Scholl

I met my hubby in a bar hangout for college guys. I was a senior in high school, living on my own (thank the lord) and he had just gotten home from his stint in the Army during the Vietnam war. He was starting his thesis to get his degree. He's an old fart. 36 years later this April 21, here we are. We eloped, because everyone told him or me we were nuts.


I met my husband on top of my brother's roof. He asked me out right then and there.

Kelly W

I met my hubby at work and we hid our relationship for 3 months until my Grandfather passed away, then my hubby told our boss that he had to take me to my grandfathers funeral and three weeks later I was layed off! Bummer eh? It worked out really good though. We've been happily married for 14 years.
Thanks for the opportunity to win your beautiful blog candy. Happy New Year.
Kelly W

Jen A.

I meet my husband through a friend that he used to work with and have been together plus married for 7 yrs at this time.


Actually I met my husband online 12 years ago - when it was still relatively safe to do so. He had a personal ad and although I looked at it I didn't reply immediately but when I logged back in a few days later his was the first to come up - so I replied and the rest is history. We had our first date at 7pm exactly 12 years ago today, New Years Day!

Cindy Coffman

I met my husband at the local bowling alley...he use to come over and tell me jokes every week (at that time I was married to my first husband. I came with him every week cause he bowled in a league). We became good friends and when he found out that I divorced my first husband, he started calling and coming around......we've been married for 27 years!!! TFS :o)

Cindy Coffman


This looks like such a cool prize! I would love to be entered. I met my husband when I was in college. We didn't know each other beforehand, but he was buying tickets to a dance at the same time I was and we ended up getting together at the dance. The rest is 18 years of history.

Stephanie Bowden

I met my husband when we were both volunteers with the fire department. We were both riding on engines in the annual Spark of Love toy drive when the engine I was riding on broke down. I ended up hitching a ride on the truck/tiller my husband was driving......and the rest is history! We've been married for 8 years, and have had five kids - two are now angels, one is adopted. I think he's the most kind, decent and honest man I know, and I love him so. :)

Happy New Year!


I met my DH at a Super Bowl Party! Funniest thing about it is that neither of us are football fans! Our friends were trying to set us up and it never worked out, but then we saw each other at the party. The rest, as they say, is history...

Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to play!


I met Tom online almost 7 years ago, and we're still going strong....*S*


Happy New Year! I was at work when our section secretary brought the "new guy" around to meet everyone. I was a Girl Scout leader at the time and we had just begun selling cookies. When introduced, I asked him if he wanted to buy cookies - he bought 6 boxes of mints (and this Girl Scout too!) We dated for 4 years before getting married. We just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. For old time's sake, I always buy him mint GS cookies!


WOW what a FUN candy giveaway to start of the 2008! My DH and I are Junior High Sweethearts and have been married for 31 years. Thanks for a chance at this sweet candy and Happy New Year to you and your family.


My husband and I met through a mutual friend at work - it was a classic "blind date" set up!

Thanks for the great giveaway!


Ruth Ann

you said you'd pick this with a random number generator-right? I've never written to anything before but that sparked my thought about one of my best friends. She's a nurse and I work in a deli. She called needing quick treats for a home party. While trying to figure out how I could help her she mentioned scrapbooking and invited me to the party when I got off. The treats were made for her in time and I talked myself into stopping by to see the scrapbooking stuff and the rest is history.

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