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January 01, 2008



Well that all looks like way too much fun! Thanks for sharing! I met my husband at a dinner party; we just happened to get seated at the same table. How fortuitous was that?

Shawn K.

Happy New Year to you! I met my husband the good old fashioned way....we were neighbors in graduate school. I managed the apartment complex that we lived in (only 7 apartments) and he was persistently late with the rent check so the owner of the building would ask me to go over and remind 3F to pay his rent. He would invite me in for tea and cookies and after awhile I realized that his lateness was a ploy to spend time with me. Three kids and 18 years later and he still makes a mean cup of tea!

Shawn K.


How I met my husband is kinda a long story but basically it was through his brother/sister-in-law whom I met while I was working. DH was in the Army traveling from Germany to his next duty station when he stopped to visit his family and we were finally introduced. We spent 3 weeks together before he left for Washington. I went and saw him a couple of months later which is when we got engaged and then married the following summer! Nothing like a whirlwind, huh?

What a super fun looking blog candy! Thanks for offering it!

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Happy New Year! What a wonderful way of starting the new year! ;D I met my DH while we were both in the Army and attending a regimental ball (also known as "mandatory fun"). Well, it turned out to be fun for both of us! LOL!

Kelly G

Happy New Year!!! I met my husband at college. We were friends for 3 years before he fell in love with me while on a spring break trip to my grandparent's house in Arizona. Our first date was at the Grand Canyon!

Tiffany Walls

wow...great giveaway :)
I met my hubby doing community theater after college. It was almost love at first sight :) We've been together for 11 years ;)
Happy New Year!

Karrie Laskay

I had just gotten out of a school in the Navy and got stationed at Patuxent River Maryland, April 1985. My husband Brian was finishing up his tour and was ready to get out of the Navy and go back to Long Island. We met in a bar, he got me drunk playing quarters, went out on a date two nights later and the rest is history. We got married by a justice of the peace there in Maryland on a beautiful September day on Sept 19, 1986 and are still happily married. Love is great!


I met my dh in High school 30 (!!!!) years ago! How can that be possible? He was a senior and I was a sophomore. A bunch of us girls had the audacity to sit at a "senior" lunch table in the cafeteria. We did sophomoric things like throw food and generally act silly. Well, he still asked me out and 3 1/2 years later we were married. We've been married for 26 years now. I've stopped throwing food at him though LOL

Kristin in OH

Hi Erika...I actually met my dh at a high school dance. He was a senior & I was a lowly freshmen. I asked him if he wanted to dance. I know...a little forward for a freshmen! lol He accepted & we have pretty much been together the whole time since then. I guess I know how to pick 'em! lol Happy New Year!


I met my dh through a mutual friend. I worked with this friend, and her boyfriend was friends with him. She got us together :) THanks so much for the chance to win.


Believe it or not I met my husband 7 yrs ago in a bar!
We have been married 2 yrs and still going strong.
Who says you can't meet the man of your dreams in a bar!!!!
Thank you for the chance at a "sweet" give away!!

gayle m

Great give away!! I met hubby at a friends dinner party. He worked with her husband and they both knew we were perfect for each other and they were right!! My then future hubby had cooked the whole celebratory meal while the guest of honor and his wie attended a ceremony!! A man who cooks and cares about his friends? I was hooked!! lol We went on one date and both knew immediatly we were each others soul mate!

gayle m

Great give away!! I met hubby at a friends dinner party. He worked with her husband and they both knew we were perfect for each other and they were right!! My then future hubby had cooked the whole celebratory meal while the guest of honor and his wie attended a ceremony!! A man who cooks and cares about his friends? I was hooked!! lol We went on one date and both knew immediatly we were each others soul mate!


I met my husband in the babysit at church,LOL.I am a month less three days older than him. We went to grade and high school together,our families sat in the same bench at church and I was (and still am ) best friends with his twin sister.We started dating at the end of grade 10 and we have been married for 21 years!


Happy New Year! My husband and I met at work. We met and knew each other as friends for a few years, went our separate ways and then reconnected about 3 years later, dated and married about 2 years after that. Now we've been married going on 8 years with 1 beautiful daughter.


Happy New Year! I met my husband when we took swimming lessons when we were 7. A number of years later, we remet in a local hangout (just after Christmas) and have been together ever since...25 years and counting!


I was an instructor at a college here in Calgary and my DH was my faculty assistant (I know...I know!). We were the same age and we was assigned as my FA since he already had degrees in English and Psychology (I taught English, Sociology and History). We had to keep it on the QT until he graduated (a semester later) but at least there were no charges (I'm kidding!)...

Stephanie Sheridan

The old is gone and now the new will be coming with the look of L O V E in the air. What a great and fun gift to give someone for Valentines. Thanks for putting this up for us.

Karen O

Happy New Year!

I met my husband through a cooperative education job at the telephone company. I worked in the help desk area and he was an engineer that I helped with software issues from time to time. I actually refer to him as my souvenir from that job *grin*


I worked in our family owned archery store as a teen and in walked this great looking guy that was a little older... I told my older sister that he was cute and she said eewwe he is old... hehehehe He is only three and half years older than she is and almost seven years older than I am... He had a girlfriend at the time, she is still a friend... A few short months later we got together, then married a year later and now it has been 14 and half years...

I fell for him hook line and sinker or, should I say that cupid got us... I mean really it was an archery store...hehehehe



I met my husband on-line via AOL's NetGirl penpal forum 10 years ago ... needless to say, I'm grateful for the Internet.


I met my husband through my roommate. They worked together. We had a big birthday party and she invited him because she knew I had a crush on him. We now joke that he is the best birthday present I've ever received!


My DH and I have know each other since 6th grade, but we didn't start dating until college while we were on a spring break mission trip in Chicago. I think we shocked the whole little town and the college in that that little town we lived in because people thought we were so very different from each other. "You know his family doesn't have a Christmas tree, right?" was the thing most people said to me. Back in junior high and high school I would've never imagined that we'd start dating and eventually get married. But it turns out that we are so much alike and have so much in common. We got engaged the following year and waited a total of 3 years before we got married...didn't want to get married in college. We've now been married 17 1/2 years and have 3 great kids. :) I cannot imagine a more perfect couple coming out of that little town. :) We even have a Christmas tree.

Happy New Year. I love your blog and often tell my DH about it. I really appreciate how you promoted the Austism stamp set that Gina sold. My teenager has mild Asbergers and thinks he is better off because God gave him it.



Ironically it was at a New Years Eve party at a friends house when I was in the 9th grade and he was in the 10th. We were friends for many years before we became "friends". I was into bad boys then, but when it was time to settle down and have a family, I wanted someone who wasn't always a rebel etc... and after many long phone calls and sharing of dreams and all that mushy stuff we fell madly in love, and the rest they say is history.


My DH was a friend of the guy I dated in high school. We ended up at the same college. We were friends first. He used to come over and watch TV with me when he didn't have a date! Then he ask me out and the rest is history. We've been married for 39 years!

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