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January 06, 2008


Deb Neerman

"... even find myself talking TO myself during the day when I'm home alone."

Well, you aren't alone there Kiddo! And really, there's nothing like a good argument with yourself to clear the air, right?!?

Have a happy and creative week!


The picture of you and your daughter is really great!


Holy Cow! you DO have a mini me? She is just beautiful - what a great picture!


I enjoy reading your Q&As and learning more about you.

The photo of you and your daughter is just amazing. I live in Austin TX where it's in the high 70s today so it's hard to even imagine that kind of cold. Having grown up in NY I do remember what cold is but that's about as close as I'll get to being in the cold these day.

Thanks for sharing a bit of you with a lot of us!

Patty W

Wow...now, there is a pair , actually TWO pairs of beautiful blue eyes !

I know the feeling of having a mini-me ! I have one two, thankfully her eyes are green ! (mine are blue)..and I'm with ya..it scares the bejeebers out of me... My mother always wished for us to have kids just like us ! Ah...ma... why'd ya do that! Don't get me wrong, love the girl with all my heart but....

I do laundry every single day! A chore that never ends! Often times, a thankless one but still necessary. I'll be happy for you when you get your new home and have the added room to have your own laundry center... I hate having to take clothes out of the house to wash them..love hanging clothes out to dry though!

Have a good week!

Jodi Galland

Now that you are blonde, the resemblance is really apparent.

My grammy used to tell me that people who talk to themselves have money in the bank. She talked to herself all the time, but didn't have more than a couple of pennies to rub together. So much for the accuracy of old wives' tales!



Hysterical.. I guess that little girl is a mini me! :}
How sweet.']

Anyhow.. the laundry. YOU HAEV GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I have 6 in this house adn we have to do laundry every day. I skip Saturday which means Sunday is mother overload. Yesterday I did 5 loads.. I havef inally trained theh 3 younger kids to re-use a shower towel. Heck they are clean when they dry off, we have seperate colors for the kids so we know who's is who's.
I am working on the boys about wearing a pair of pants twice.....becasue of my allergies I can't hang thigns out any longer. I had to stop years ago.
As far as the drawers go, well I am the Queen around here and I demand they be perfect at all times, inspections to be performed when you least expect them ;] .
oh my hubby doen't know how the dustmop or vacuum works, or how to pickthings up off th ecoutner or put his clothes in the hamper steada the bathroom floor...............He can however cook but doens't realize you clean up after you cook. He cooks twice a week usually. Think I can borrow yours?


Erika, I just *heart* you more and more every time I talk to you or read what you've written! Honest to God, you are on my top 10 list of the most eloquent people! You are just too sweet to answer so many questions, and be so honest about everything! I'm glad to know there are others that hate housework (and let it go!) as much as I do! You rock, girl!

Mary Davidson

Erika, when I opened this page, my first thought was how much your beautiful daughter looked like you!! I'm lucky in that my husband does most of the cleaning in the house. I'm wishing he could through in some cooking and laundry, too...LOL, but I'm very thankful he cleans. He always does the dishes if I've done the cooking. I'm very glad you're chatty too!!

Shawn K.


Really love Question and Answer day! What a lovely picture of you and your daughter...your spirits certainly shine through. Thanks for sharing!

Shawn K.


What a lovely photo of you and your daughter. I too have a mini me and my husband has a mini me in our son. Amzing how that worked out!! I am with you in the laundry stakes! It is not so much that I loath doing it but I work full time as a teacher and part time as an SU Demo so I can't be doing the laundry more than once a week- I even try to stretch it longer if I can! have only just discovered your blog but I am thoroughly enjoying your easy writing style and your creativity. Thanks! By the way, in sunny Brisbane, Australia, it never gets that cold-even in winter! Today was a very warm 30 degrees (celcius not sure what that is in farenheit) and we spent it swimming at the beach. Hope the warm weather comes your way soon.

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