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January 14, 2008


Patty W

Yikes...startled me when I saw my name! LOL I sent Zach a card this weekend. :)

That cake is Awesomely huge! Your Mom is pretty and so young! Your dad looks like a great guy too...enjoy your family Erika. I come from a fairly large family (1 of 9kids) I lost a sister last summer and a brother the year before..the rest of us are no longer close.. Treasure all these times with your parents, I'm sure you do , just don't let silly things get in the way..ok..don't know where that came from!

Love reading about your life. I would love to see the whole New England area some time. Nova Scotia is on that list for sure!

I still chuckle at your laundry program ! I have no problems with clothes being worn more than once if they're still clean...my kids aren't so good at that!

Thanks for being you and for writing such a great blog!


Great reading, Erika!
and just wanted to let you know that "you make my day!"
Nicole :D


I'm smiling with glee and laughing outloud!! You answered my millions of questions...all supposed to be one ;] . I talk fast and type faster.. mind moves faster then my mouth or my fingers. hee hee
my daughter said I am acting wierd cuz I am laughing at the computer.

OK.. we are re vamping laundry here as well.

my daughter the youngest totally wears her jammies all day as well only she wears 5 pairs a day I just keep refolding them and replacing them if they are clean though. :}
My hubby is snapping.;[ Since we moved, we have a septic and the leach field gets filled with the lint from the washer and dryer or so we are told......
Then I looke dit up online and it's true of course.
Who wants to spend twenty grand to buy a new poop hole in your yard....;]
So we need to buy liquid detergent now ( I have sworn by TIDE powder for years) re-use towels and re-wear pants.....Oh liquid dishwasher detergetn too. I need a clean sink and begged for a dishwasher for years.. I was washing 3 times a day everything from 6 people and I always cook to much food!
PS I did get soem copics and even my coloring looks GOOD :}

Lori J

There were some great questions here and some great answers too!

Amanda Pedro

ooh, Nova Scotia!
I'm from Newfoundland ( a ferry boat ride from Nova Scotia), but lived in the Annapolis Valley for 5 years. I would LOve to move back. My husband would too, Just needs to find a job there. All of my immediate family ended up living there also. Don't you just love the accents, variety in landscape and rich cultural entertainment? OH, and the beaches. And the vastness of land. And the calm pace of life. And the friendliness of the people. Ok, I'll stop now.
Really enjoy your blog and cards as inspiration. Thanks for sharing,


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