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January 21, 2008



I can so relate to your post. The first time I went to sleep in a theater I couldn't believe it myself! My grandson makes fun of me all the time for doing it.

Anyway, my favorite all time movie is Trip to Bountiful. It is about a woman who lives with her son and DIL. She has heart problems and all she wants is to see Bountiful (her home town) just one more time before she dies. Her DIL strives very hard to prevent it. This movie is so full of emotions for me. I love it because the characters are so real, you almost feel like you are there. I like movies that have a real story behind it.


Okay I have two. One is "An Affair to Remember" the one with Cary Grant (yes, I know it is the first remake--I normally do not like remakes--but I love this movie).

The other is "It's a Wonderful Life" (I am INTENSELY sentimental.)

Both movies have many layers--and you have to see them a couple of times to experience it all.

Tiffanie Jerez

Definately "The Game" with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. I can't say too much about why without giving anything away. Very captivating!!!!

Pelham, AL


My very oldest all time fav is "Carousel" with Shirley Jones. Next is "Evita" with Madonna; then "Phantom of the Opera". Love those musicals.

Kristin in OH

Mine is definitely My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I saw it several years ago when it first came out. That is one movie I could watch over & over again and laugh my head off every time! Thanks Erika!

Beth B.

Erika - my current fave (and ultimate girly-romance story) is The Notebook - its been out for awhile so you'd have to get it at the video rental place i think. I picked it up at Target for $10.00 during Christmastime. I've watched it REPEATEDLY since then - a few racy love-scenes but overall a very romantic story. I highly recommend it - and I don't think you'll fall asleep either :-)

Beth (tired mommy to a non-sleeping 4-year old)

jenn nahrstadt

i have to pick just one? that's hard because i don't consider myself a movie buff and i rarely watch movies more than once. my current favorite would probably be astronaut farmer.

thanks for all you share!

Christina Amador

My favorite movie right now is Nacho Libre with Jack Black! It's just a funny wrestling movie that I haven't gotten tired of yet...my little guy loves it too, it really makes him chuckle, belly laugh and just makes watching it with him worth it, every time! Christina


The Notebook and Message in a Bottle, i read the book also and prefer the book but love the movie also =)

Thanks for the chance!


My favorites change occasionally, but for now I really liked "The Ultimate Gift". It was an all around good movie the whole family can watch. I recommend it to all.

Love your blog...

Emily A


I actually have two favorites: "It's a Wonderful Life" because it teaches you to value the people in your life (it still makes me cry even though I've seen it dozens of times) and "Pride and Prejudice" (the 5-hour BBC version) because it emphasizes the importance of purity in relationships which is so lacking today.

Cat Tidwell

Well, thats a very hard question! to pick just one that is...ummm I'd have to say Steel Magnolia's, I have watched that movie at least 20 times and it still makes me laugh and cry. And on the Kids genre...I'd have to say its Finding Nemo! Dory just cracks me up!

Cat Tidwell

Well, thats a very hard question! to pick just one that is...ummm I'd have to say Steel Magnolia's, I have watched that movie at least 20 times and it still makes me laugh and cry. And on the Kids genre...I'd have to say its Finding Nemo! Dory just cracks me up!


Hmmmm.....this is a toughie. I am more of a book lover than movies and I must admit I love all of the Veggie Tales movies. (Especially since I had kids) I am a total sucker for romance though and my newest favorite is "Just Like Heaven" (minus the old man's naked butt that is).


I took my kids to see Veggies this last weekend also. I liked it and will definitely be gettin it when it comes to video. It's really hard to pick just one favorite movie... Lately I've really liked Benny and Joon. It's a feel good movie, and the ending leaves me with a good feeling inside. That's what matters most to me, how I feel at the end of the movie!

Shawn K.

Ooh...my favorite movie is The Thin Man or any of the Thin Man series. My dad used to watch them when I was little and I just thought they were so sophisticated and silly at the same time.

Shawn K.

Kim Marie

Anne of Green Gables and Pretty woman! How's that for a combo! Must be the red hair :)
Oh, I do love ribbon! (almost as much as DP...and it's all your fault I am addicting to that Dazzlin' Diamond stuff!..oh well!!)

PS Try eclipse sugar free gum...that's all I chew!

Paula Kay

My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. It is a movie I can watch over and over again. Close second is Pretty Woman.


Favorite movie has to be Princess Bride. So much to quote...so little time!


Karen M.

There are just so many classics that it is hard to choose. One that I love is "Working Girl" (Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver). I love the message that anyone can make it to the top with hard work and guts!!


My All Time Favorite Movie is Grease, Followed by The Wizard of Oz and Sleepless in Seatle. As for more "today' type movies ... Anything with Nicolas Cage is always a winner with me!
Have you seen the Movie House of Cards? It was a "B" movie, I was just talking to a friend about that one a few days ago, but no one seems to be familar with it ... just thought you might have seen it.
Great Groovy Give away!!! That Flower Ribbon is realy Groovy!!
HUgs, Lourin


My favorite movie is the 'Count of Monte Cristo'. If you haven't watched that one, you really should cause it's great!

Nicole L.

I love Miss Congeniality..such a funny girly movie!! I love it! Thanks for the chance at winning!
Nicole L.


My fave is 'Test of Faith' it's the story of a student who took a stand against his professors belief in evolution. It's great!

Susan S.

August Rush.....it was so prophetical....happy ending....romance....that's what I love!

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