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January 21, 2008


Regina Cornelius

oooo...i think i'm first!!!!
my favorite movie is goodfellas....i like "mafia type movies" and that one has great lines in it, i think. thank you for this give away!

regina cornelius

Jessica S.

My favorite movie of all time is Pretty Woman. It's classic, girly and I've seen it at least 100 times. *sigh* Bliss!


I think my favorite movie is "Romeo+Juliet"... orignal text in modern style, poetry in the words, poetry in the images... LOVE THIS MOVIE !!
But I do admit I have a particular thing with "My girl", and "The man in the moon"... love those movies... first "butterflies in the chest" with "The man in the moon", and first tears (while watching a movie) with "My girl"

thank you for this question... remembers me I have to see those movies again

Have a nice day



My all time favourite movie would have to be Pretty Woman! Richard Gere is so hottt!!!


My all time favourite movie would have to be Pretty Woman- gotta love Richard Gere!


Oh well, one of the latest movies I watched on DVD was Amazing Grace, it was very impressed with that movie.
But my favorite movie of all times is: GREASE!!!! LOL. I am never tired of watching that movie, my husband doesn't like it much, but who cares, LOL
Thanks for the chance again.

Amy D

My favorite movie is Teahouse of the August Moon. Back when Marlon Brando was young. Idon't know why I like it but I do.


My favoriet movie of all time is an old Alfred Hitchcock movie, Vertigo, with Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart. It is a great old time mystery/thriller that takes place in San Francisco. When I moved to San Francisco when I was 20, I made my then-boyfriend take me to all the places in the movie (I lived not far from many of them) and a few years ago I did the same thing with my husband (without telling him about the earlier "Vertigo Pilgrimage"!) Love your blog, you make beautiful stuff!


One of my favourite movies is on oldie, but a goodie...The Princess Bride. It has something for everyone, action, adventure, romance, and humour, all of which is in a family friendly format.

Ally Warner

my favorite movie is "Meet Joe Black". It was a very deep movie. It not only entertained but it also made you think!

~Lana B.~

I'm w/ Cathy, my all time fav is *The Princess Bride* just b/c it DOES have a bit of everything. Although, my 14yr old DD LOVES *Robinhood, Men in tights* OR *Young Frankenstein* whenever she needs a good laugh! Thanks for all your sharing!!!!


my favorite movie is "The Miracle Worker" little girl are blind and deaf... I love to watch this movie.. it old movie , though. and also, I can't wait to watch another new ASL movies coming...

thanks Katey

Meredith C

My favorite movie right now is National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I took my kids to see it this past weekend and it was wonderful. Very Family Friendly!

Karen O

It's hard for me to pick one- I have a few that I absolutely love- but Princess Bride probably tops my short list.

My other top picks include Real Genius, Dead Again, My Cousin Vinny, & Office Space

Nicole Steele

I actually have two: Legends of the Fall and Big Fish
I love Legends of the Fall because the music is incredible and the scenery is breathtaking (it takes place in Montana). I also love that it's about family.

I love Big Fish because of the sheer imagination of it. It's so playful, fun, and kid-like in a grown-up way. The thing is, you think it's light-hearted but it has a serious message at its core.


Mine is Wizard of Oz because even after decades it is still magical and reminds me of being a child. It is a favorite of each of my sisters, also. We used to plan a party on the night it would come on TV-long before VHS!!

Mary Puskar

I'd have to pick Gone With The Wind but I also love all old movies.
mary puskar

Annette Taylor

I love American Beauty. Great cast and it really makes you think about your life and what to do with it. Hope you're well Erika x

Annette Taylor

I love American Beauty. Great cast and it really makes you think about your life and what to do with it. Hope you're well Erika x


You want us to pick just one?? I love a variety of films in different genres, but one of my new-to-me classic favorites is "Born Yesterday," (1950) starring William Holden and Judy Holliday. Holliday won an Oscar for this role and her character had me laughing out loud by end of the film.


My all-times favs? Starwars Trilogy and Indiana Jones Trilogy. :0)

Cindy Coffman

I have quite a few favorites......one of them is Wild Hogs. Love John Travolta in this movie!!! Thanks for the chance at some great blog candy! :o)

Cindy Coffman


My favorites are Sound of Music and Dirty Dancing. I too fell asleep during a moving but I was on a date. Yup even a first date, but not the last one - good thing. It was Top Gun - too funny I work up when the movie was over and the lights came on with my head on his shoulder.


My favorite movie is Mystic Pizza... if you ask me why, it's a pretty good question!!! I just don't know but I did watch this movie again and again! Thanks for the chance to win :)


I rarely go to the movies. I think the last one I saw was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I liked that I was entertained - boy did we laugh and laugh.

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