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December 03, 2007


Jan Scholl

Crap-this cant be good. I would be first or close to it. Got any ideas for dealing with a crazy dog? He wont listen to me, hubby gets him to do stuff but is rearly here. So I have been doing the scruff of the neck technique to make him think I am the mom. He is driving me crazy.


Question, question, question...hmmmm...were you always creative as a child and given lots and lots of encouragement in all of your efforts?

Ally Warner

How many funy, rude, inquisitive, and strange looks do you get when you go out in public with your dreads?

greta adams

I am curious to know how much time you allow a day or week or whatever to your crafting? Do you do it at night when the kids are in bed or when they are in school?

i kinda do it when i have a minute...

Cheryl Sims

I can't think of a question for you other than how can you come up with such neat ideas every week for your tutorials. I look so forward to Thurs. as I know that is the day that Erika sends another fab idea for me to try. I would love to have that paper bag book tutorial CD that you made. It would be awesome. Thank you and congrats on that many posts.
Cheryl Sims


Do you usually have a general idea of a type of card you want to make on any particular day or do you just go to your craft area and search for inspiration?

Great giveaway!


What made you get into crafting, and how do come up with such great things?


Do you have "helpers" for your business or are you a one woman show? (Or..."How the heck do you do all that you do?!")


Sure hope you can answer this one -- today I cut all the pieces for 34 Christmas cards for my husband's office. I have the 34 soft sky pieces, the 68 whisper white pieces, the 68 whisper white punched circles, but where did I put the 68 night of navy pieces??? I cut them all, they can't be far, but where did they go? Looking forward to getting the answer!!! Thanks!


A groovy give away, indeed! I have not seen those little stamps - too cute. Thanks for the chance!


Oh, I didn't type my question. Have you always lived in Vermont? And is it true there is no Target there?


Do you have days where you just don't have it in you to craft? I have had a few weeks off from being in pain but, other times I just do not have it in me... Nothing at all comes to mind I sit down and my mind is blank.... So, I bake and clean house those days... What do you do?


Robin N (tqmnurse)

how did you learn to do all of your techniques??? How did you learn to do all of the great stamping? Did you just play with them alot??? Did you take art classes?? I want to be better at my scrapbooking and card making but just don't seem to be making any headway...I'd love suggestions too

Vanessa G.

Wow! Congrats and Thanks! My questions is... when do you find yourself creating? Morning, noon or night; when do you find your muse?

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Do you have an art background/education?


Erika, you are a chatty girl! ;-)

My question is "Would you like to draw stamps one day or are just content inking them?" (I hope one day maybe I will draw some!)


Ok, this is of a more personal nature. What clique did you associate with in high school? Did you fit a stereotype?
:) Awesome giveaway btw!

Linda Peterson

When my sister and I were younger (early 20s), we both were intrigued by Autism---not quite sure why, but we both read a lot of books on it. Since then, my niece had a little girl (12 years old now) who was diagnosed with autism. Her autism is rather severe.
Is your son able to be in regular classrooms? I am always looking for new things for my niece to try. Have you come across any new diet items that seemed to help your son?
I love to look thru your blog.


Hi Erika

From where do you get inspiration when you are tired or can't get creative???

thanks for the chance to win

gayle m

Great blog candy!! So whose blogs do you read regularly?


Hi Erika!
Congrats on reaching 400 posts! And what great blog candy to celebrate it! I was curious about your dreads, but you recently posted an update w/pics, so I guess I'll ask how much time per day you spend stamping and when you do it - after the kids are in bed, while they're in school, etc.

Kerry Morgan


Congratulations on your hits! :) You well deserved all those visits, it's always fun to come here. My question... do you make a plan before you do a project or just let the project lead you to the final product?


Congratulations on your 400th post. Your cake from yesterday is gorgeous!


Wow! 400 posts! And what a great give-a-way, sure hope that I can win! My question...How much time everyday to you spend stamping? (I know that this has already been asked, but is pertinent to my other question.) And does this effect your housework? I'm always having to decide...clean my house or stamp!

Juli Smith

That cakes looked so YUMMY! Can I have a piece of that cake? ;) Okay, okay a "real" question...Have you and your hubby ever been on a Marriage Encounter Weekend? Would you like to? Cuz my dh & I would LOVE to send you a gift certificate for one!!

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