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December 26, 2007


Kim Leach

Best gift? Tough question, really...one time that comes to mind was in Mexico on a mission trip into the mountains; we were in a village and walking from house to house with the local village pastor. In one house, we were speaking with a mother whose baby had been having stomach pains. She was quite tired and weary and worried for her child. After we had prayed for her and the baby, I felt that I should share my knowledge of infant massage. In particular, I showed her several massages that help the digestion system. She was very thankful and I'm trusting that it was helpful to her and the baby. That was a gift that I shared that I feel was right time-right place and that God gave me the opportunity to show His love in a very practical way.
Thanks for the chance to share it!


Last year when my Great Aunt was on her death bed. I had knit her a prayer shawl and because of my financial situation at the time I was not able to be there, but having the shawl made her feel like I was with her. My Mom went to El Paso and presented it to her for me. She said it made her cry and she never took it off, she was burried in it. I believe that because of the prayers my children and I had prayed while I knitted the shawl, she found peace thru it.
Thank you for asking,

Happy Belated B-day.

Patti P.

My gift to my mother-in-law last year at Christmas was a DVD containing all the slides that she had taken of the family. I converted all the slides using a special scanner for slides or negatives onto my computer and then transferred them to the DVD. Although more time consuming than I had imagined...didn't really realize just how many slides there were....it was a gift truly appreciated by all my husband's family. It brought back many memories for everyone as they usually viewed all the old slides when the family got together on Christmas eve. Happy New Year!

Linda Peterson

I took my mother-in-law's old scrapbook, that was falling apart--had things and pictures since 1920 in it, and redid the whole book. I did this for her Christmas present last year. She absolutely loved it.


Well, I gave my daughter life, which is kind of a great gift. But if we are talking tangible things...
For my baby brother's graduation, I made him a scrapbook of his life. My mom isn't a great records keeper, so I have always been the one with all of the photographs. I scrapbooked his life from birth to graduatioon, including pictures of him alone and with friends and family. He cried. Apparently, the only pictures of himself as a child he had ever seen were at other relative's homes. So now he has a bunch of his baby pictures. He and I are 13 years apart. To this day we are still close and he has his scrapbook in his bookcase and shows it to my daughter often. For the record, it was the best two weeks of full time work I have ever spent in my life. I would do it again if given the choice.


Three years ago, I approached 4 of my siblings and asked if they would be willing to pool our money together to buy our other sister a car for her 60th birthday. Her 10 year old car was on life support and even though she had always worked, she struggled financially, and was constantly stressed about whether the car would start to get to her job. Well, they all agreed and we were able to buy her a one-year old Kia with only 9,000 miles on it. She was stunned and broke into immediate tears when she opened her "present" (a small box from a local jewelry store) and saw the keys. We all ended up crying! That was a great moment of feeling wonderful about being able to impact someone's life in a positive way.

(p.s. Your new photo is stunning!)

nancy morgan

We surprised my daughter, when she was in high school, by wrapping up tickets to a cross-country race (Footlocker west) that she'd always wanted to compete in. The race takes place in early December, so we gave her the gift just before Thanksgiving. We used airmiles and kept the trip pretty simple, but it was such a fun and memorable event for all of us. I think experiences, big or small, often make the most memorable and lasting gifts! = )

Diane Lapointe

The best I (we cause all my siblings chipped in) was a diamond ring for our mother. My dad wasn't one to buy my mom much,and she always wanted a diamond ring to wear with her wedding band. So when we we're all adults we chipped in and bought her one...she was so happy when she opened the box,she cried!! Now she is no longer with us,and I have that ring to wear and am very proud to wear it!!
Thanks for the chance at your awesome candy Erika!!

Ally Warner

I'm flying out to visit my sister and going to help her clean and organize her house. I'm staying a whole week! I think this is the best gift I've given so far.


I hope your Christmas was as sweet as you are to your blogland friends. Count me in on this candy. My favorite gift would be when my DH gave me a leather jacket with boots and a suede coat with boots. I just love them and I guess him too. (tee hee) Thanks for a chance.


Hi there and when exactly is your birthday? A very happy one to you and bowling sure sounds fun! I think the best gifts we give are the hand made kind. We know someone - both elderly and it seems lonely - who lives near us and who was having a big birthday this past year. We did a "count down" for her. Every day the kids took over a card or piece of paper that counted down the days to her birthday (you know 10 days, 9 days etc). It really didn't matter what we did - we knew that visiting her 10 days in a row was a gift in and of itself, and there was the anticipation and excitement in it all, and the kids loved it. The cards/paper were honestly nothing exciting ( a few days were creative and we threw in cookies, tea and a few other things for fun on occasion too) - one was just the words "X more days!" scribbled in whatever we found on a plain white piece of paper 'cause we had no time and didn't want to forget - and somehow we ended up with "2 days left" when there was really only one, so we somehow missed a day in there (?! I can't count to ten apparently?!). But it was so great and so appreciated. What better gift can you give than yourself really! And so that's what we did.


I will choose a gift that I gave this year (as frankly my memory is so poor I can't remember what I gave last year....)My cousin and I went together and had an old photo professionally framed for my brother. It's about 8inches x 4 feet long of a train and a group of men which includes our grandfather in 1912. It's something he has wanted framed for such a long time but didn't feel he could afford to get it done. It was such a pleasure to see the expression on his face when he unwrapped it.


Probably the best gift I've given was when I created a small scrapbook of the award ceremony when my dad won an award. His birthday was a short time later, so I made an 8x8" scrapbook with all the photos and memorabilia for him. He was very touched and surprised by it.

Jan Scholl

I think the best gift I gave recently was a Canon Rebel DSLR to my son and daughter in law so they could photograph their belated honeymoon. Of course, I am still waiting on the photos look see over 6 months later. They toured the Civil War sites which is one of my son's hobbies. I usually give anonymous gifts but this one was hard to hide.

Cheryl S.

One gift that I don't think I'll be able to top was the one my daughter and I gave my husband for his first Father's Day. There is a place in Ottawa that sells refurbished computers and I knew we were in desperate need of a newer system. My husband, who was afraid of having children, had turned out to be an amazing dad... getting up all night with the baby, supporting me through my post-partum depression, making an unbreakable bond with our daughter. He's a computer nut and I really wanted him to have a new one, so I hid a few dollars away in cash every payday up to Father's Day. By the big day, I had enough to send him on a shopping spree for the new system. I was so proud of him and so grateful for his love and support and was so glad I could present him with the money. It's been nearly six years and that "newer system" is now toast and has been replaced by two shiny laptops, but my husband is still the best dad and husband ever. I don't think I can ever give him a gift big enough or great enough to show how much I love him.


I think it was when I gave a food closet for my best friend... She has 3 kids and had no room at all to put the food away...

tami w.

the best gift I ever gave was to help my sister clean her house up and pack it up b4 the new owner arrived. Lots of hard work but she had just gone thru a bitter breakup.

Happy birthday.


The best gift I gave was a friendship scrapbook to my best friend in high school.

Hope you had a great Christmas!


I can't remember the best, but this year, I'm attempting to make a scrapbook for a friend. My first scrapbook ever..she just had a baby and it was not an easy pregnancy for her. Twice the doctor took a decision to abort the baby since it was a risk to her life, but she refused and somehow pulled thru. And today the baby is a miracle child for her, and I wanted to put those photos into memories for her.

Thank you for such a wonderful give-away!


i think my favorite gift that i've given to someone else was to my mom the year i gave her a scrapbook for christmas with pictures of my brother and i as a kid.

Jana W

I think one of the best gifts we've given was when my dd was only 2, she LOVED to paint. We had her paint on some nice paper, and took photos of her while she was painting. Then, we framed the artwork sandwiched between 2 photos of her creating the artwork and gave it to each set of grandparents and her aunties who are all very hard to buy for. They all loved it, and will forever have a reminder of the little 2 year-old artist who is now 5!

Susanne Bihon

I think the best gift ever is time. This year I was in a home for old people and we have a good time there singing christmas songs, eating cookies and talking to the older people. So I spent my time as my favourite gift for the older people in our city on the christmas week.

Have a great time and a happy new year!

Susanne from munich/Germany


tough question...
I think it was this Christmas... I offered an enlarged photo of my kids to both of their godmothers, so they could hang them on their wall...
They were so touched !

I always try to make presents that people will always remember, but I think THIS was my best shot

Have a nice holidays !


Ooh, there are so many! I think that one of my favorites was a scrapbook that I made for my brother and his wife of their wedding! I made several copies of it - one for me, one for my parents and one for them. Somehow, the one for her parents never did get finished - guess I have something else to add to my ever growing to do list :-)

Happy Belated Birthday & Merry Christmas!

Regina Cornelius

well....to set the stage: i spent most of my life l;iving with my grandma and my dad, my pappy too until he passed away when i was five. so needless to say, i am very close to my dad and grandma. since i lived with my grandma so long i knew where she hoarded stuff. one year after i was married...when i knew she wouldn't be home...i snuck over to her house and went through her things. i took pictures of her and pappy when they were kids their parents, when they dated, when they got married and pictures or their family when their kids were little and made copies of all the pictures so i wouldn't destroy her originals...since they were stolen after all..wink wink ;). i made her a scrapbook of all of those momentos. i presented it to her on christmas day when the whole family was there in the usual gift giving format. she opened it and everyone started to cry...even the men...not a dry eye in the house. it meant so much to her to have it! i am actually teary eyed right now thinking about the memory of giving it to her. that was my first scrapbook i ever gave as a gift and it sure was the best! i couldn't top it, i'm sure!


thank you for the blog candy! your blog is amazing!
thank you!
regina cornelius

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