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October 12, 2007



Camping with my family has always been a favorite vacation. Some of our most treasured together times have been sitting around the camp fire talking, laughing, sharing or just being quiet. We've learned a lot about each other and ourselves during these sweet times together. We camped many places in many different states. Our most favorite was Charles Mills Lake in OH. We could decide at 4pm on a friday that we wanted to take off, pack and be set up before dark!

Stampin Jules

Favorite vacation spot...hhmmmm. I like to visit lots of places, and have dreams of going to Europe. But I really think a vacation at HOME is nice - one where my hubby is home too while the kids are still in school during the day. WE get lots of small household tasks acocmplished and yet we can still lay around and enjoy our time together at a more liesurely pace. Crazy, huh?! ;)

mary puskar

We love to vacation in Lancaster, Pennyslvania. I'm a quilter so the fabric stores and quilts there are to die for. There are also some nice stamp stores in the area. It's clean, the Amish are so to be admired, and the scenic beauty is incredible. It doesn't hurt that it's only an hour away from me either!
Mary Puskar

Kristine John

My favorite place to vacation is a mountain about 3 hours from my home. I used to visit there as a young girl...moved away for 12-14 years...ended up attending college at the base of that mountain and making lots of memories then as well. After my husband and I married, we lived about 3 hours west of there, and would camp there periodically. Now we live 3 hours east of Mt. Graham and still make plans to go back and are making memories with our children there.

Here's hoping you've had a fabulous vacation!


My favorite vacation spot is Ireland. I've been there 4 times, and hope to go at least 4 more times. It's my ancestral home and is full of colorful scenery, colorful stories, colorful history and colorful people. Plus, you can't beat Irish Brown Bread for comfort food and I don't "do" sun. Thanks for letting me play along.


My favorite vacation destination is the Maunalani Bay Hotel and Bungalos on the Kohala Coast, Big Island of Hawaii. I'm born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii, but the Big Island is where I feel the most calm and relaxed. At the Maunalani, they pamper you with all sorts of good stuff and you never have to leave the hotel to have a good time! There's so much to do on the hotel grounds. If you have a chance, go visit!

Thank you for letting me enter the contest!



I love Mexico! I am totally into R&R vacations with Sun and Sand. We have been a few places other than Mexico, but our last 3 vacations we chose Ol' Mexico over all the other options. Love the ocean and consistent tropical weather! We now have a time share there, so I look forward to enjoying it annually! Thanks for asking, and have a wonderful Florida trip!


My favourite vacation spot is up north at the cottage. On a small clean lake, the water is like glass, the sun sets facing us each night with pretty colours, the sounds of the loon calling, watching the hummingbirds on the deck, living outdoors, walking the dirt roads or a path in the bush, feeding chippy out of your hand, hot-tubbing outside in the snow facing the lake, bar-b-ques every night, and visiting with friends on the lake that we've known a lifetime.


Hope your vacation is wonderful! We don't travel much about the only place we spend time at is our local river. I do love in however. We go swimming, fishing and hiking. Were lucky to live so close to a place like it!


Hope your vacation is wonderful! We don't travel much about the only place we spend time at is our local river. I do love in however. We go swimming, fishing and hiking. Were lucky to live so close to a place like it!

Nicole Steele

My favorites are broken down by category. My favorite childhood vacation spot, and the one that brings the most nostalgia and "feel good" memories, is Lake Erie. We rented a cabin there every summer from the time I was 2 until I was 16. The same families were there year after year, so us kids became great friends.

My favorite "adult" vacation was my husband's and mine trip across the country. We stuffed $960 in our glove compartment, threw the camping gear and a cooler in the trunk, and headed out west in my 1993 black Nissan Sentra. We saw SO MUCH in 10 days! Made it from Pittsburgh to West Yellowstone MT than all the way back (with many stops in between). One big loop!

With the girls now, our favorite is Hilton Head Island. Extended family goes, too, and the house on the beach is pure luxury!

Jodi Pegram

My favorite vacation spot is San Diego. The weather is beautiful pretty much year-round. Also, my favorite little seafood joint is there! Beaches, seafood, sunshine... PERFECTION!


My favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My son and I drove my mom there for her last vacation there before she passed away. We drove from Buffalo, Ny to Myrtle Beach,SC and stayed at Ocean Lakes Campground. Mom spent an afternoons golfing on one of the famous courses there , and a few evenings playing miniature golf with my son and I. THen of course the shopping, the ocean, and just plain lazying around the pool and beach. She enjoyed every minute. My son and I enjoyed the experience of spending time with my mom before she died. One of the many good times we'll both remember.


Regina Cornelius

my favorite vacation spot is a cruise ship....does that count? my husband and i went on 2 cruises prior to having our daughter and we had the times of our lives!!!! we anxiously await going on a disney cruise with our daughter. we didn't care where the ship docked...we just loved being on a cruise!


YEAH!!! A friday giveaway. My favorite place to vacation is Ocean Shores, WA. I love a long weekend getaway to the ocean, especially in the fall/winter. It is sooo peaceful!!!

Char in So Cal

Vacation?! What is a vacation?! j/k It has been a while since we have vacationed, but DH and I like to vacation in Las Vegas. There is soooooo much to do and see and the food there is top notch. My favorite part of vacationing in Vegas?... Sleeping LATE behind those FAB black-out curtains they put in hotel rooms. Ahhhhhhhh. lol


My favorite place to vacation is the BlueRidge mountains of N.C. There is a peacefullness there that cannot be matched. The air is crisp and clean. The Fall foilage is spectacular, God's handiwork at its best. The people are friendly and genuinely nice. The best place on earth, IMHO.

Shawn K.

My favorite vacation spot is Doe Bay, Washington (http://www.doebay.com/). This is a groovy, hippy, earth friendly "resort" located in the gorgeous San Juan Islands of WA state. When we lived in Seattle, we did yearly pilgrimages to Doe Bay with our friends. It's a really special place...thanks for giving me an excuse to think about it.

Shawn K.

Cindy Stoll

My favorite vacation spot is anywhere with sunshine and a beach. My dream vacation is Hawaii....maybe someday. Thanks for your blog/insiration and the give away!

Jodi Galland

My favorite has always been a campground in Pembroke Ontario called White Sands. We went there every summer when I was a kid and some of my favorite memories of Grandpa are from there. Before we got our camper, we camped in a ginormous tent that was plenty big enough for 6 people, including my dad and step-mom's full sized mattress. I think it was some army surplus batallion tent. Way cool.

Hope you're enjoying your vacation Erika!



Well I just came back from my vacation at my favorite place....we spent 20 days in California, but 10 of them were in Lake Tahoe....I relly love this place,....it was my second time there, and I can return many more times....

Hugs from Brasil


My favorite spot is Florida! Love the sun and the beach!

Charlene H.

My favorite vacation spot is at the lake. I have two boys (8 & 6) that love to go to a lake about 1 hour away. We have friends that have a farm about 5 minutes from the lake and my boys love to go and hang out there. Fall is my favorite time to go. There are not as many people there and I love sitting by the fire when it is chilly outside.


'Hope you're having a fabulous time in Florida! I still remember our family holiday there when our kids were little...we loved it & they still have great memories.
Our fav vacation spot now is the Mayan (Mexico)...amazing resorts, massages, lots of volleyball, yummy food, walking on the beach, no phones, no cooking, no snow,...so much FUN! Thanks for this chance to win!
~Brenda H.

Heather Grow

Hi Erika. My favorite spot is San Diego. It's close to home but it feels like a totally different world. The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly, the food is awesome and there is a lot to do there.

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