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October 26, 2007


Char in So Cal

Some of my favorite holiday memories are when my husband I and first got married. We were just out of high school and into college... we had no money, not much of anything really. I hand made all our Christmas decorations for our first Christmas tree and the decorations for our house, most of them out of paper. Today, some 20 years later, I still happily put out my scrapy little paper creations. Those were the sweetest, simplest, holidays for me.

Rubber Hugs,

Char in So Cal


I have so many! I think one that sticks out, was the year I was 18, had just started working full time, I wanted to do something to surprise my parents. I decided to surprise my parents by doing something for them, that gave us the greatest thrills on Christmas morning as kids. I surprised them by having Christmas stockings with their names on hanging up, and totally overstuffed and wrapped goodies in them when they came out Christmas morning. They were shocked and surprised that Santa left them all sorts of treats...mission accomplished! :)

Mary Campbell

My favorite holiday memory was the year my husband and I were married. Our first Christmas was so special. He makes every holiday special for me. The first Christmas together he bought me clothes. Way too small but of course I loved them and traded them for my size when he wasn't with me. He also gave me pearl earrings with a very small diamond in them. I still wear them and he always comments "those are the earrings I bought you aren't they?" 32 years together and he still makes me feel young and special. Thanks for the great give away. Mary

Allison Sosinsky

Even though I've had some awesome Christmas and Thanksgiving memories, I have a favorite 4th of July memory. I have a friend who I've been friends with since 6th grade, and a newer friend of just over 10 years, and our families always get together to have bbq's, spend Halloween trick or treating together, etc. We all love to spend 4th of July, because it's traditionally not a "family" holiday where we would have to spend it with our "real" families. This particular 4th, about 2 or 3 years ago, we had a bbq at the older friend's house, and then went to view fireworks a town over. The best part was looking around and seeing our 3 families all intermingled: my friend's son was sitting on my lap, one of my daughters was next to the other friend, kids were all around the blankets...and I realized that sometimes the best times are with the family that you've made, not neccesarily the family you're born into.

Linda F.

My favorite holiday (Christmas morning) memory is from when DD was 3. It was her first year to be really aware of what was going on. Gary and I were already up. I went and got her to come into the living room to see what Santa had brought her. The lr was crammed with a big hand-made wooden rocking horse, a stuffed bear bigger than she was riding it, a plastic "slidy board", a stuffed character (I think it was Fivel)...and packages galore. I sat in my chair and she just stood there for a second, then came over and climbed up on my lap. She cuddled up and just stared quietly for the longest time. Finally with some encouragement she got down and started to open gifts. (That was the year we discovered that with enough presents, Christmas morning could conceivably last for 3 days. To this day she still opens a present, throws away the wrapping, and then examines the gift forever...she used to play with each toy before she went on to the next.)Later when she was older she said she remembers that morning too. She was afraid to touch anything because she didn't know it was hers. And she was so hoping the Fivel doll was hers because she wanted him so much!

BTW, thanks for you great blog and your cool giveaways!


Christmas by far is my favorite holiday although, I must say that there have been some not so very wonderful ones. One of my favorite Christmas' was the year we had a foreign exchange student. She and I clashed a lot during the year but when she opened a Christmas from me (an afghan I had made for her) and cried out of gratitude and realization that I had done this out of love for her, it made the rest of the year worth the struggles.

Wanda Parsons

My favorite holiday was Christmas of 1970 when we lived in a small town up north. I was 25 then with two boys, ages 3 and 8 months. We had lost my husband (their dad) just two weeks earlier. Though I was greiving, my mother made me put up a tree and try to make a Christmas for the boys. A close friend of my husbands (and neighbor) wanted to play Santa Clause for them. So on Christmas eve, he and I with my boys (along with a couple of close friends and their children), sat and visited while we waited for Santa to arrive. And we sat and sat and sat and sat. I kept nudging my head but my "Santa" friend would not budge from his seat. I was about to get a little aggravated when my 3 year old asked when Santa was going to come. Not knowing what to say, I replied "When it snows. You know the reindeer need snow." Not five minutes later he started clapping, yelling and pointing at the big window behind the tree, "It's Snowing! Now Santa can come, Mama!" While I was cringing (and wanting to strangle my friend who still sat there like a bump on a log) there was a knock on the front door. I pushed my way through all the kids so I could open the door, and who stood there but SANTA CLAUSE! Somehow I made it through the evening while Santa opened his bulging sack and passed out wonderful gifts to all the children. It's been 37 years and I've never learned the name of the wonderful man who was truely for one night, SANTA CLAUSE". But he will always hold a special place in my heart. Yes Virginia, there really is a "Santa Clause".

Sally (CKMom)

One of the nicest memories is when before we were married DH invited me to spend Christmas with his family in Vermont. His sister lived there at the time. We went on a horse drawn sleigh ride and he proposed to me. As romantic as it gets...

Jessica S.

My favorite holiday was the first time I had Christmas with my DH's family and my family while we were dating. Being an only child, my Christmases had always been just me and my parents. It was so lovely to have the house filled with people and laughter- the presents took up the whole living room. I loved discovering his family's traditions and sharing mine. It was wonderful!!


My facorite memory, is not actually my memory, but a memory everyone else shares each year from when I was 2. Apparently, I was quite the impatient child (hmm..still am!), my grandmother was trying to help me open a gift but wasn't going fast enough for me, so I stood up, jumped up and down and said "God damn it, Grandma". Everyone still chuckles about it today.

Karen M.

My favorite holiday memory was Christmas Eve 1994 when my husband proposed!

Sharon in NE

When my children were little and believed in Santa, we would go out at midnight on Christmas Eve, (in our jamies) no matter what the weather, to find his sleigh in the sky. Since they were stubborn, they could stay out there forever watching, so I figured out a way to get us inside...my husband would jingle sleigh bells out the back bedroom window. The kids thought Santa was close and would fly inside, tearing off their coats and jumping into their beds, screaming "Shut off the light. He's coming!" Even now at age 16 and 20, we take our midnight walks on Christmas Eve to reminisce.

greta adams

my favorite holiday memory is 2 christmas' after mason was born he was still young but old enough to know he was going to wake up to presents...that to me just made it so exciting for me anticipating his happiness the next morning...even though i was so tired when i went to bed and got 2 hours asleep before he was waking us up!!

Rachel Hillman

My favorite holiday memory is dressing up in clown costumes with my Grandma for Halloween. She always made my costumes and adored Halloween.

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