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October 26, 2007


Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

My favorite was when I was 8 years old and on Christmas morning I went out to the tree and found a Cabbage Patch Kid!! I had wanted one so bad and I was the happiest girl ever!


My favorite Halloween was when my oldest daughter (now 22) was 5 and our son was 1 1/2. She was Santa Claus and he was Rudolph. They were so cute and a real novelty nearly 2 months early, as no one was expecting to see Santa and Rudolph at Halloween! (and of course, I had to make the costumes!)


Hmmm, a few years ago when it snowed at Easter and my kids went on their easter egg hunt in their snowboots and pants!

Thanks again for a great giveaway.


What a wonderful giveaway. I loved my first Christmas with my now DH. We were only dating 2 months before Christmas but he sure did spoil me. I felt like a princess and he has made me feel this way every Christmas since!

Nicole Steele

My brother and I were elementary school age and we were driving home around midnight Christmas Eve from our grandparents'. It was a bitterly cold night, with a wind chill below zero. We came upon a father and his two kids stranded on the side of the road because their car had broken down. My dad pulled over and discovered they'd been there for over 30 minutes because no one would stop to help them (this was before cell phones, too, by the way). We had room for just two people so we took the kids to their grandmother's several miles down the road and stayed there while my dad went back to get the dad. The grandmother was so grateful to us, she gave us cookies and $5 each! To little kids back in the mid eighties that was a LOT of money!!! What amazes me now about all this is that this father trusted us - complete strangers - to drive off with his two kids and come back for him. Maybe he figured since we were a family with little kids that he could trust us. Maybe he thought he had no choice. I don't know. But I still think of my parents as angels to this day and I get such warm feelings about that night.


My favorite XMAS was when Santa left me a Suzie Home Maker Oven. I made my sister her 1st birthday cake with it. Thanks for a chance.

Heather Grow

Every year my family plans a treasure hunt for Halloween. We hide clues all over town. We love to tell stories from some of our exciting moments.

Jan Scholl

Giving birth to my daughter on Thanksgiving 1974 during a blizzard-pretty neat.

Linda SS

I got my first job at a fast food restaurant at age 15 1/2. I saved my paychecks so that I'd have money to buy my entire family Christmas presents. It was the first time I ever had my own money to spend and I had such a wonderful time getting everyone something that I knew they would love. I realized on that Christmas that it really does feel better to give than to receive.


Thanks for the offering up the niffty candy. My favorite holiday memory is Christmas but it is not a single Christmas but everyone of them for the last 30 years. The entire family including cousins gather at my house for a sit down dinner. Watching the family grow and some members coming a going over the years is wonderful.

Cheryl Arnold

I was a little girl and every year I asked for a puppy. So I got a stuffed animal puppy named Floppsy from Santa with a card that went on about how he wasn't able to bring a real puppy to me. I cried when I read the card, and still have Floppsy today, missing his nose and one eye, plus I used to chew on his tail (so that is kind of gross looking).

Shelly E.

I remember one Christmas I asked for a 35MM camera. The first time that I had really asked for something that I wanted. (I was always very quiet and shy.) Well, Christmas Eve with the family...no camera. Christmas morning with Santa (my Mom STILL does Santa for us "kids")...no camera. Went to my grandparents...no camera. To say the least I was pouting because I really, never, ever asked for a present that I wanted so much. Anyhoo, got home from all of the Christmas festivities, Mom and Dad "found" a present that was "missed"....yep it was a camera. I felt so bad about pouting then! lol


My favourite Christmas memory is of all the Christmas mornings when we were young kids at home and my Grandparents would come out bright and early Christmas morning when we called and spend the morning with us opening all our gifts.

Tammy K

My favorite Christmas memories was going to my Grandma's on Christmas Eve and my aunt's and uncle's and all my cousing were there. We used the dining room table which was beautiful and always covered except on Christmas Eve.
I miss those days....

Kim Flath

My favorite Christmas memory is when I gave my DH's niece a present wrapped in a cereal box. She took off the outside wrapper & was just thrilled when she saw the cereal box. The funny thing was that the present was inside & she was excited over the box. So cute!

mary puskar

I remember the first christmas my hubby was home from viet nam. We were expecting our first child and it was so special that he was safe and sound and we could celebrate instead of worry!

Erin Morse

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I have family all over the country, and at Christmas we all get together at my gradparents house. They have moved closer to me, so we can go there more often, they have been sick for the past few years, but at Christmas everyone forgets about them being sick, and we all get together and have a great meal, great talks, and great fun. There are 4 generations there now. We also have our 2nd and 3rd cousins as well. We have the same fake tree, that seems to be decorated the same EVERY year! The ages will range from 87 to 9 months this year. The kids alway laugh and play well together. For as long as I remember Christmas tradition has remained the same as always. It is the best time of the year, and it's the only time that the whole entire family can get together. We do get some nice presents, but it's not about the presents, it's about the family!

Regina Cornelius

my favorite personal memory of christmas , so far, is when i was in third grade. i was on the fence about believign in santa and my dad had lost his job that year. this was also the year that atari, barbi dream house and all the extras came out...being little...i wanted it all! i kept telling myself that if i got thise things there had to be a santa...i was old enough to know that my parents didn't have the money for all of that! christmas morning came...i went downstairs to a living room FULL of gifts...i have never seen so many gifts! and you know what...i don't know how my parents pulled it off (this was an era before "charging it" was an option)...but they did...i got it all! wow, what an awesome thought for a little girl to get everything on her wish list. i know it sounds very materialistic but that was a pivotal year in my childhood..... i'll never forget it! i look forward to making wonderful holiday memories with my daughter.....i can't wait to "awe" her!
any way...thanks for this contest, i would love to enter!
regina cornelius

Melinda Brein

My favorite so far was Christmas a few years ago - I had made a memory quilt from my Grandma's favorite clothes for my mother. She was so beside herself and the quilt turned out so beautiful! I felt as if my Grandma was there smiling at all of us that day. But that's not all, my sister was in for a shock because I bought her a sewing machine (it was a fantastic deal I couldn't pass up) - her first "official" machine! So I provided her a means to express new avenues of creativity! It was a lovely day ...

Debby McGillivray

I would say my favorite was one Christmas eve after dinner we went for a walk in with the snow falling and a full moon it was beautiful. My next favorite would be when the kids first started believing in Santa.

NancyS (momsnack)

When I was young, all the cousins and aunts and uncles gathered at my great-uncle's house for Christmas Eve - a huge tree, wonderful food, and the one time a year everyone was together!
NancyS (momsnack)

Kim Leach

My favorite holiday memories all involve family at Thanksgiving...no presents to stress about, no crazy budget to work around...just food, fun and family. We would always gather at my uncle's house a few hours away from home. He made the best sausage stuffing! And we'd eat the whole time: from the minute you walked in the door until we all waddled to the car. And the food tasted great because we were surrounded with love and laughter. Turkey and stuffing is good at other times and other places, but never as good as on Thanksgiving. Both my uncle and my dad passed away last year, and it will not be the same. I will miss it! Now everyone wants to go different directions to different in-laws...But the memories last forever!
Thanks for asking!!

Gail Stickley

My favorite holiday memory was Christmas the first year after my ex and I separated. I took my children to my sister's home in Michigan for a family Christmas. Everyone had a stocking hung on the fireplace - all 12 of us, in age order. Her son was handicapped and he kept moving his stocking to the front of the line and moving my father's to his 8th place slot. Dad kept moving them back around when Robby wasn't in the room. It went on for 3 days like that. We always laughed each time one of them moved the stockings. What wonderful memories as both are gone now.


For many years I wanted Santa to bring me a cat. Finally one Christmas morning I woke up and found a box of cat food. I was so happy. We were visiting my grandparents and I couldn't wait to get home so we could go pick out my cat at the humane society. :)


My favourites are of all the "first" holidays with my son, and this year I am doing all the "firsts" with my daughter :)


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