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October 21, 2007


Denise W.

I had a flat tire on I-5 in the late evening...alone in the van with my baby girl. It was SO scary. The nicest man pulled up behind me and changed my tire for me!!! I felt so blessed!

Melinda Brein

My MIL came over on Sat morning and helped me finish centerpieces for an auction that night.....I didn't have any time because my daughter's birthday part was hours away! So she's my superhero!!

Heather Grow

I guess this isn't very specific but I think I've saved several days by remaining calm during a crisis. I am very solution-minded so I am able to help people do what they need to do by asking a few questions and offering simple suggestions.


Hi Erika

I just can't remember anything special right now...so tired.....
But when a friends calls me on the phone, it really makes my day happier.

Love and thanks


Aren't moms super heroes every day? Seriously! I feel like one sometimes, carrying a basket of laundry in her arms and a dinner menu in her head! And I know my own mom has done so many little things for me, especially when I'm sick or something comes up and I need her help...she's always right there. :)

Paula Riley

My hubby is my superhero. He always saves the day for me. Going to the store to get something I forgot, cleaning the house for my Stampin'Up stamp camp, taking my mom out to dinner when she stays with us and I already have dinner plans with my BBF and the list goes on and on and on. He is always there for me! We've been married for 38 years and I hope we have at least 38 more together. He's the best!


My bro is the superhero in the family. He once was at the site of an accident, and where everyone else was reluctant to help, my bro picked up the man, put him in a cab and took him to the hospital, made sure someone from the guy's home was there with him and then went for his classes. Truly a hero!!
Great give-away erika!!


I got a flat tire at work and the tow truck guy was a real jerk. I drove my car back to the garage place by my house which was like 20 miles away. I had already gotten out of work late to calm a student's mother down, but then the flat tire made me later. I had a meeting to go to the next day, so I needed the tire NOW. So the garage place across the street from my house had exactly two people left working. My kid was at home starvin like Marvin (I know this because she called 3 times... that isn't annoying when you are already upset is it?) the guy in the garage part took a look at my old tire and told me he could fix it. It was just a nail hole. The manager and I got to talking and he asked me about my job. I told him what i do for a living (Alternative Education teacher) and he told me that he used to be in one of those schools and the teachers saved him from a life of crime. he asked me if the job was hard and I told him that I loved it. We talked some more while my tire was being fixed. When I went to pay, he told me it was on the house. This was not a mom and pop shop. This was a chain garage place. I was floored. I had just paid my rent the day before, and I am a single mom with a "sick kid" so money is really tight. I really needed a break like that. I have brought my car to him to fix since that day. He was my superhero.

Cheryl Arnold

I am an ICU nurse, so I like to think that my work has made a difference in a lot of peoples lives though I never get to know them, and often they don't remember their experience in the ICU (probably for the better).


I was going to work one day it was 4:30 in the morning and my car died on the highway. Cell phones do come in handy...oh if you have a battery that is charged up. I had enough battery to call my husband to call a tow truck. We just got the car back after getting a new transmition. That's right they mixed something up! So when the tow truck came and picked me and my car up and even took me to work. Thanks for a chance.
[email protected]

Rita Wright

My husband came out of school to go to work and found that his tire was completely flat. I had to go look through the garage for some mysterious piece that he needed to get the tire off (hmmm...should have been IN the truck don't you think?) and then drive it up to him. We couldn't get the spare to come off, so I sat in the jacked up truck for an hour while he took my car and went tire shopping. It was nice to be able to help him! Thank goodness I was on my way home from work so I could!

Jodi Galland

I have a ton of heroes from the birth of my second son in March 2005. I ended up with an emergency c-section four weeks early. My OB, his partner, the anesthesiologist, all of the great nurses on the maternity floor at Northwestern, the team from St. Mike's who moved my infant to Burlington, and EVERYONE at the NICU there. They are my heroes. Most especially my husband though, for being my hero everyday, but really being there for me and for our baby for those first couple of scary weeks. Thanks for reminding me Erika. :)



I had ran over something on the road and blew my tire
i had 2 small kids in the van with me, and a VERY kid gentleman changed the tire for me and helped to calm the kids down who were really scared! Thank goodness I wasnt driving too fast and didnt lose control of the vehicle! Thanks for the chance to win!


I am not sure I have ever been a hero. But I met two hero's last winter, it was -31C when my van stopped working. My 3year old son and I waited for 20 mins in my vehicle watching people drive on by us! So we got out and started walking. After walking 15mins and 5 cars going by someone finally pulled over and gave my son and I a ride to the nearest town. I will always be grateful for their kindness.


My superhero is my son's special ed preschool teacher from last year. I still have her on my speed dial and she can talk my son down from almost any meltdown! She will even come over if it gets really bad. There is no other reason for her to do this (especially now that she's not even his teacher) except she loves my son and and truly cares about what she does.


People are always saving my...day - fellow SU demos are the best at coming through in a crunch, when you run out of just the cardstock you need or can't remember how to do a technique.


Jessica S.

I haven't been a superhero too often in my life- usually I have been blessed with people rescuing ME! So I will honor my parents and my in-laws for their superheroness instead of sharing mine.
One New Year's my DH (bf at the time) and I were driving to a party 5 hours away (yeah we're crazy). We were dressed to the nines and cruising slowly down the icy highway- freezing rain is not our friend! On a really bad corner in the middle of hickville, the car in front of us slammed on his brakes out of nowhere so we had no choice but to do the same. Turns out that our car was on black ice and we started spinning and spinning and eventually slipped down a 15 foot embankment. The people in the vehicle behind us nearly did the same! After escaping the vehicle and literally being dragged up the embankment, the car behind us gave us a ride to the nearest town (uhh population under 100). Unfortunately, all the tow truck drivers were at New Years parties and wouldn't come out and the only store in town closed at 10 pm. We were stranded, coatless and FREEZING in the minus 30 weather. We finally found a dingy motel and took turns using the payphone trying to reach our families who were also at New Years parties. ARRGGHHH! We finally gave up and payed far too much for a sketchy motel room. DH and I lay on a lumpy matress in a room with NO heat and watched the ball drop on the teeny black and white TV in the room. We cried and slept in our fancy clothes. The next morning both of our families came to the rescue! Mine drove 2 hours from one direction to meet us, his drove 2 hours from the other direction. They arranged us a towtruck, brought us fresh clothes and because it was on a really dangerous corner they acted as flaggers for the towtruck. They wouldn't let us do anything and made us sit in the car and warm up with hot chocolate. Thanks to the deep snow, our car wasn't to damaged and we were able to get home safely.

I will never forget THAT New Years or our families coming together to rescue us!!

Jenny Wrona

I can't say is that I really have a super hero, but when my dad was in ICU @ St. Johns Hospital in Detroit, a couple of years back the dr's and nurses did save his life, they had given him only a 30% chance of making it! I am so glad they were able to pull him out of it!


I think other people have been my superhero more often than I have been theirs. The most recent time was when I was home alone with my kids, it was later in the evening, winter, my husband was in China, and my daughter broke her finger. I had no transportation to the hospital, and we had recently moved to the area, and didn't really know anybody well enough to call and ask for help. I had met one family at a new church we had just started attending, so I called them, and they were very gracious to come and pick us up and take us to emergency, as well as picking us up the next day to go see a specialist.

Nicole Steele

My parents and my neighbor Murph have been my superheroes several times. I was volunteering at my daugher's school one morning and my car's battery was dead - because the kids had left the overhead lights on all night (which I didn't know about). Murph gave me a ride to my mom's house (who lives just a mile from me) to drop the younger two girls off there and then she drove me to my daughter's school (my mom drives a school bus for a job and parks it at the house during the day, so she doesn't have a regular car to get around in). The second time the power went out and I couldn't get my car out of the garage to pick my oldest up from camp. I also couldn't use my phone since they are all cordless and we use the Internet for our service (we don't have cells either). Murph has a cell and she let me use it to call my mom to ask her to get Emma. I LOVE having family nearby and I LOVE knowing my neighbors!!!!!

Diane McCornack

Well my super hero story involves a dog as most of my stories always do, either a dog or something to do with Disney World :-)
A year ago this past July or July 2006 to be specific a starved aboved stray dog came by my work. It was standing out in the middle of the street as though in shock, cars were honking and swerving around her but no one was helping. She was terrified but I finally got her to come to me. I took her to the vet she had some problems one of which they thought she had delivered a batch of puppies and was so skinny and weak because of that. I brought her home, she thrived with my other dogs and ate me out of house and home, only to DELIVER 10 puppies 2 weeks later. The vet missed it she had been recovering from birth but instead about to give birth. Luckily enough they were all healthy I delivered them my self and ended up keeping her and one of her little boys, so I'm their SUPER HERO!!! LOL

Ginny H

Not to long ago I helped a substitute teacher jump her battery at school. We were both so proud we didn't have to ask a man for help! This was not life or death but we both felt good about it when the car started! BTW I sent Zach a card yesterday from Jekyll Island.


I once locked myself out of the car after shopping at Costco, I had a 9 month baby and 2.5 year old girl. I live in the NW where it is usually raining, and a STRANGER allowed us to sit in her car while we waited for the Key guy to pop the lock. Since this time... I keep a spare key in wallet so I never have to pay $40 for opening my doors.

I love this little set, my Micheals is 35 miles away and I usually don't get to purchase any because they sell out so quickly! Thanks for the give away. ~~Cindy

Karen M.

I adopted 2 kittens from the local animal shelter on Saturday. I could have gotten barn kitty from a farm, but I hope I saved these kitties from an unknown fate by adopting them from a shelter.

mary puskar

My father in law was my super hero. I was devastated when, as a young bride, my husband was drafted and sent to Viet Nam. My father in law kept me on an even emotional keep the whole time, especially at the airport when we all said good bye and I know his heart was breaking just like mine. Fortunately, my husband returned a year later safe and sound and we were just married 40 years. Thanks Dad.
Mary Puskar

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