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September 14, 2007


Alison Snow

Hi Erika,

can't think of anything bizarre at the moment, although some interesting things have turned up at the back of my fridge. I just love going through jackets from last season and occasionally coming across money you had in pockets and forgotten about!

Take care,



Oooohh!! I love Me & My Big Ideas. They're so cute! :)

I try to do as little cleaning as possible ;) but once while cleaning and reorganizing my closet I found my camera! :) I thought I had lost it for good ... lost somewhere on vacation or whatever ... so I went out and got a new one. One I liked so much better. But what about those photos on that missing camera?? What did I even take pics of!?! They were destined to be lost to me forever!

Anyway ... a couple years later I was reorganizing my closet and there was my old camera!! Hooray! I did have the film developed and it was full of wonderful pics of the kids ... smaller ... but wonderful! :)

Kristine John

When we first got a cell phone (think early 2000ish), I put it in a shopping bag as I was leaving the store. Unfortunately, I put those bags in a "thrown" room...(You know, the one where everything extra goes when you're in a hurry?) Well, the battery died, and we couldn't find that phone for MONTHS. We had already gotten a new one by the time we found that one, but were SOO happy to have the mystery solved of where it had gone...kind of sad to lose something so expensive...and find it again that way. I think it speaks for how I really feel about cell phones (and phones) in general...they just aren't that important to me.

Jessica S

Ohhh cleaning- I should do that sometimes! I don't have anything particularly bizarre that has happened, but I do regularly find things I thought were long gone- socks, smaller sized clothes and bobby pins galore! I used to work in a salon and I swear the pins followed me home at night.
One thing that always seems to happen to me is that I start cleaning and I make a discovery: an old journal, photos or old cards and letters. I get sidetracked by these once precious memories and begin to pour over them and never get back to cleaning!!! Last week it was old yearbooks- what fun to read old comments and see all the fun pictures.

Good memories- that's what cleaning brings for me!


How 'bout most disgusting?? When I was a tween, my family lived in an 1800s farm house. My room had a non-working but still 'open' fireplace in it. Once when I was really cleaning, I moved my daybed out from the wall and found a dead crow. *insert screaming and running* Really, really gross! We figured it had come down the chimney.
Best find ever.... I thought I had lost a paycheck (teenage years when every dime counts!), looked everywhere to no avail. Ended up finding it about 2 months later when I changed my sheets and pulled the comforter off the bed. It had gotten stuck in-between the comforter and the footboard. (And yes, I had changed the sheets several times in those few months but I guess it was wedged in just right.) :)


This has been a long time ago, but when my kids were little, we found a bottle of milk buried in the couch once. It was VERY sour and curdled. Yucky!

Patty from Ohio

I don't really have any odd or unusal finds but my sister found a $250 paycheck her daughter misplaced over 2 years ago and she contacted the company and they reissued it! Now that's a find...this niece was also known of hiding money and forgetting where she hid it! Like in the dry pet food bag!

Gina Wrona

When I picked up film developed that I thought was my daughter's 1st communion, I came to find out that somehow someway there had been a roll that I turned in with pictures from 2 years ago! Then, there were pics missing from the party and come to find out the missing communion pics roll was in my bag that I carry with me everyday besides my purse!


Hi Erika,
Those stickers are adorable!
One of the most bizarre things I ever found were "life size" dust bunnies under our bed. I have very long hair (past my butt). They say the average person loses 100 hairs a day and a bunch of mine ended up under my bed. Over time, they were covered with dust and when I pulled a box out from under the bed one day, a HUGE dust covered hair ball came rolling out. We're talking at least 8" x 6". It was so HUGE, my son (who was 2 at the time) burst into tears, because he thought it was a wild animal. Made me realize that with wood floors, all sorts of things end up blowing/rolling under furniture and need to be cleaned out at least occasionally.

Kerry Morgan


Well now, let's see...odd things I have found while cleaning and organizing...I guess the first thing that comes to mind was something I found when helping my mom and dad go through some stuff from in a closet this past week. One of the things that turned up was bags of baby teeth...some with filled cavities, some with roots, some just the tops, that belonged to my sister and I. My mom had kept them all of these years. Needless to say, I took the liberty of tossing them. I can't see that they are doing anybody much good now.

Gail Stickley

Yeah. I love stickers and my grandson is taking drum lessons (loved the music notes) and his family camp when they aren't playing soccer. We all have a Fibber McGhee's closet. Mine in Virginia doesn't have all the winter attire you have in New England. Thanks for such great cards.


You always come up with the most creative questions! Gosh I'm going through everything now. So far I haven't found weird things, but have found stuff that should not be where I found them. Go figure!! Kids and husbands....empty space that the place it's suppose to go! NOT! Drives me crazy when they don't follow through! I keep telling them I'm going to cook dinner and not follow through on that...I bet I will get their attention when dinner is NEVER served. Thanks for a fun chance to win your Groovy give-away.


Well....yesterday as I was organizing my sock and undies drawer I came across a little ziploc bag with my 13 year old DS's first teeth that he lost back in 1st or 2nd grade. The oral surgeon had pulled them out, and my husband talked him into letting him take the teeth home since they were DS's first lost teeth. I found it strange to find the teeth in THAT drawer.


There is nothing really bizzar that I found while cleaning, but when I was in university my mom bought me a really nice towel. After 6 years, and two moves, I couldn't find it, until the other day I was looking under my bed in the storage container under there and found it. I don't know how I didn't find it when I put the container under there.


strangest thing I've ever found would have to be some of my mom's old 1980's perfume! She had a showcase that was in my room and I got the opportunity to clean it one year and found that perfume. Let me tell you it didn't smell like it was suppose to (well at least I think that horrid smell wasn't the way that it was suppose to smell, but who knows for sure) Anyway, it gave me a weird smell in my nose for a few hours.


Great stickers..too cute. Well vaccuming this week I decided to move my furniture around (something I don't do too often) Usually I find lost toys and lots of cat and dog hair. This week I found my husband dirty socks. YUK! Thanks for the chance.

Alexandra Hobson

Nice giveaway Erika! Well, I don't know how weird this is, but it did sort of traumatize me as a mom a little bit! My son (he is 18) is not living at home anymore because he has gone away to college. Well, we are moving to CA so I am cleaning out his closets and drawers and such and came across a box of ummmm.....condoms....not something a mom wants to find! I am still a little in shock and of course I have said NOTHING to him!! Man, my baby...how does this happen???!!!


tammy b

lol! too funny, i JUST (like 2 days ago) found a cigarette at the bottom of my file box, behind an unopened pkg of file cards. pretty funny since i stopped doing that like 7 years ago! i once found a $50 bill that i thought i had lost - actually i thought it was stolen. it had been in a small drawer in my jewelry box. apparently it fell behind the drawer and i didn't find it til i was cleaning out the box years later.


Just yesterday took heating guy down the basement to check the system, open the closet door down there for him and there's a dead mouse on the floor! Sigh...

Thanks for another nice giveway.

I have been embossing & using fall colors, and trying!! to emboss resist decently for days now -- you have inspired me!



We were looking all over the place for my little girl pacifier and her favorite pillow for weeks... We did give up on them. We were flipping her bed mattress and what did we find? Her little hidden treasure! So hidden that even herself did not remember it was there!

Gina (Meet my Brother)

I love these kids from Me & My Big Ideas!

I was cleaning out the attic in my old house getting ready to move and found a dead bird. It scared the bejeepers out of me because it *looked* fine so I first thought it was alive. I was a little sad because it must have found its way into the attic and then could not get out.


When I was about 10 years old, my Mom sent me to the basement to get something out of the freezer. I rummaged around for the item but there was a brown bag that I had to move over to find whatever I was sent for. I still could not find the item so I looked inside the bag. I was quite surprised to find out that my mom had mistakenly put a bag of garbage in the freezer in stead of in the trash can. Thank goodness there was no smell because it was all frozen. When I brought it upstairs, she had to admit it must have been her doing. We did get a good laugh about it.


Someone mentioned a cheque....I found one for $255 for work expenses reimbursement 12 years old....I nicely wrote and asked if they would reissue it - what a dreamer I am! (no - they didn't send me another - that amount hurt the pocketbook too once I found it!)


25 years ago my kids were badgering their dad to make me a valentine. Instead, he went to the store and bought one of those kiddie school packs and signed them all with an R, then hid the envies all thru the house. There were 33 of them including 2 teacher ones. I still have no found them all but last year, found two more. That was the first time in 10 years I had found any. It will drive me batty until I die...or move.

Melissa F.

Me and my 4 year old daughter were cleaning out a bookshelf and found my husband and his exwife's wedding picture. MY 4 year old asked who was that beautiful women with daddy?

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