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September 02, 2007



Great giveaway!!
Wow- one of my most precious pictures I have is when my twin daughters were wheeled into me for the first time. They were sound asleep with matching little pink bows on their head. So precious. I still remember that feeling I had when I saw them. That one picture speaks volumes!
Have a good weekend!

Ginger B.

wow! another great giveaway! (adding that this got long.. sorry!)

I have so many pictures that mean a lot to me.. I dont know if I can pick just one. I have some from the first(and not the last) time DH deployed, and of course all of the pics of my son that I took for daddy while he was gone.
I have that same sons pics from birth when he was in the NICU.. those are sweet but also sad to look at.
I have pics of my 2nd son and the skin condition he had that made it hard to even touch him without hurting him or getting oozey stuff on you.. and yet he was such a happy baby.
my 3rd sons birth pics just bring back so many memories of labor/ giving birth in a German hospital while looking out the window at the castle and sunset above it.
I have an album with pics of our stillborn daughter that only made it to 21 weeks.. and pics of her funeral and of her in the dress we put on her to be buried in.
moving on to my 4th son and I have pics of such a sweet blessing and how grateful we were to have a healthy baby.
then the 5th son that gave us such a scare throughout the pregnancy and the pics of us crying with joy that he made it to us. and theres pics of all his brothers surrounding him in the hospital.
and last, our little girl.. she finishes out the children for us and we have endless pictures of her.. so many to choose from! She was a surprise to us and we are so glad that we have her to add to all these boys.
my DH is in the military and i have a lot of pics of him in uniform and those make me so proud!
of course i also have parents and grandparent pictures that mean so much to me also..
so you see, I cant just pick one.. ;-)


Fantastic give-away as always!

My most precious picture is actually a pretty recent one. It is of my sister, brother, father and myself. After 16 years of estrangement, finding family all over again and having such an amazing connection is priceless! My siblings were raised in England and my Dad raised me in Canada. A once in a lifetime trip in May of this year, allowed us to all get together for the first time since 1985. This is to date the only picture of all three of us kids with my Dad- my whole family together, what could be better?

Jenn D

One of the great things about the hospital that I had my 2nd son at is that they have a professional photographer that takes pictures from the moment of birth up to about 2 hours. I got pictures of my son the instant he was born and I still look at them. I just wish we would have had that for my 1st son because my husband was too busy to remember to take any.

What a wonderful giveaway.

laura Hit

Wow - what a cool (oops, I mean groovy!) give-a-way. I want to get more into scrapbooking to prepare for our kids down the road! And since we don't have any yet, some of our wedding photos probably. It was such a fun day and I love looking at our photos of it all!

Gail Stickley

My most precious picture(s) are of the birth and growing up of my first grandchild, Amanda. She just started her senior year this year and I want to do a "This is your life" book for her for graduation so I've been collecting and organizing her pictures. Again, thanks for all your wonderful posts. Congratulations on your 300th post. I look forward to your blog every day.


I have a picture of my great aunt (she's now 93!) that I snapped at a family gathering a few years ago. This woman is precious and I caught her with a beautiful smile on her face - all a glow! It just captured everything wonderful about her - a memory I'll always cherish.

Cindy Stoll

I can't really pick just one favorite picture but I love the pictures of my children. They grow up so fast. I am way behind in my scrapbooking and would love to have the magazine for some incentive. Thanks for the give-away and your blog.

Angela H.

I have a picture of my grandaughter peaking out beneath a blanket that she had managed to get over herself. I just walked into the room and there she was. Luckily I had my camera handy & snapped it. It is just adorable!!

Jennifer Hensley

I scrapbook but it has been so long since I have done it. I have a picture of one of my son's on my uncles farm. I believe it was 4th of July, he crouched down and looking through the fence line. This picture reminds me of all the family fun we use to have. The parties, the holidays and such which exists no more. Living 3600 miles away from home, really make those special pictures and moments just that much more special. Have a great weekend.

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Woo-hoo! Erika, what an awesome give-away! I am hoping that once my son returns to preK (TUESDAY!!!!) That I will be able to dedicate one afternoon a week to scrapping. I just haven't been able to dive into it as I once had.

Anywhoo, my favorite picture is one that is extremely precious to me. I have this photo not only in a frame in our home, but also in my son's Life Book. (which BTW isn't scrapbooked in the traditional sense, but that is another story!) It is a picture of me and my husband holding our son the first time we saw him in his orphanage. He is about 5 months old, and we are all so happy!


Oh, I would soooo love to win this! I have a lot of favourite photos and I love the stories behind them. One of my favourites of when I was a child shows me holding a HUGE garter snake that I had proudly caught out in our barn one summer when I was about nine. I used to have great times growing up on a farm catching all kinds of critters. It is a good thing my mom liked them as much as I did or I likely wouldn't have that picture to show for my adventure.

Sue B

One of my favorite pics is of my Dad dating decades back when he and my Mom were dating and the car they were riding in overheated. They were by a river and stopped to fill a jug they found in the trunk. My Dad was being goofy and Mom snapped a shot of him acting like he was drinking from the jug.

I love looking back thru old family pics and discovering gems like this one. Every picture has a story and this one reminds me of times my folkes were silly and carefree.

It's not scrapbooked yet but I've recently been revisiting family photos and it's the first that came to mind!

later, alligator!
- SueB


The first shot of all my babies (4) are the most precious to me!


One of my favorite photos is a wallet size version of my parents wedding photo. They look so happy. And I love that they who are so conservative eloped even though they had no special reason to do so. Everyone would have approved off them getting married. And my mum wasn't pregant and they didn't have any kids so no preasure from anyone there either. I like that I have a pitcure that captures that special moment in my parents life:)

My favorite pitcures are either of family, friends or special moments in my life. Pluss I have a collection of vintage photos which I treasure.

Loretta Lock

Hi Erika

THe most precious picture I have inof my then 4yo dd when she decided to climb into my husband's empty guitar case for a nap. It's the avatar on my cell phone - I just love it!!!

Kathy W

One of my most precious photos is of my son when he was about two years old and his dad mowing the lawn. My son had the plastic Fisher-Price lawn mower, and his dad had the real one, but they looked the same. In the photo they are going opposite directions just passing each other with my son in the foreground (at a safe distance from the real mower). The photo represents that wonderful time when the two of them did things together and my son wanted to be just like his dad. I still have the picture and the lawn mower (my son is now a sophomore in college). Thanks for the chance to win the magazine subscription. What an awesome giveaway.


Wow, what a great idea and give-away! Thank you!

I must say my favorite photo in my scrapbooks is of my twins sleeping for the very 1st time in their crib at home. They are about to go kindergarten next week and I can't believe my babies are growing up so fast!!

Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Linda SS

What a great giveaway. I make cards and only recently have tried my hand at scrapbooking. Family photos are all so precious. My dad always took home movies so we don't have many still photos of myself or my sisters growing up. But I took lots of pictures of my kids that I'd like to get out of shoeboxes and into albums. My favorite is one of my son back in 1985 when he was 10 years old. It was his first trip to Disneyland & was during their 30th Birthday celebration. He was the 30,000 guest and when he walked thru the gate, music & lights went off and Mickey Mouse came running out with a big key to a new car.


All of my pictures are precious to me as are the memories that go with them. I recently was given a picture of my father (he passed away in 1972) when he was about 3 1/2 yrs old sitting with his younger brother. It was a photographers portrait & is just adorable. Funny thing is my great nephew is the spitting image of my father. You would think that they are the same person if you saw a picture of each of them. Eventually I plan on doing a scrap page about this resemblance.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandra L-M

WOW! What a great giveaway! It's hard to think of one picture but when my oldest was about 3 years old, she felt sick on trick-or-treat day. She was so looking forward to it... but she also was sick, so I have a picture of her fast asleep holding tight to her pumpkin basket. She did trick-or-treat but just a few houses. Sandra

tammy b

great giveaway....my most precious picture is of my son calvin. he was my 1st child. a true honeymoon baby. i know exactly when i got pregnant (although i didn't know at the time) and exactly when his little blastocyst self attached to my uterus. i also know now why i went into pre-mature labor and gave birth too early for any hope at all. i have a horrible memory of his birth in an emergency room - trust me, you don't want to hear it but lets just say that ER really needed some classes on how to deal with a stillborn baby. i got to hold him - 3 days later. i have one picture the social worker took of him and sent to me. it's a polaroid and it's horrible, so out of focus, and such horrible quality..........but i treasure it.

7 years later i have a 6yo and 3yo twins (they're a story all in themselves!) - all girls! but i still have my boy, in my heart always.
happy labor day!
tammy b

Cindy Vernon

There is a pic of me and my little baby swimming. It's so cute, I love it...there aren't a lot of pics of us together because I'm always the one behind the camera so the ones I have of the two of us are very precious to me.


Wow...lookie at all the comments! I just scrapped today (which never happens!): http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com/2007/08/heres-me-scrapping-again.html

It is one of my fav pics but I would be hard to put my finger on just one...my wedding portraits, my son's first pics at seven weeks, my two kids together at the park...you see, way too many!

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Fabulous giveaway!! My most precious photo is the 4 generation one of my grandma, my mom, me, and my daughter. Only a few weeks after the photo was taken, my grandma had a stroke and is now in a nursing home. I'm so happy that my daughter will have this photo in her scrapbook!

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