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September 02, 2007



I would love to win this!! Thanks for offering the candy blog!


One of my post precious pictures are when my kids were born. Nothing can beat that!! Fabulous giveaway by the way!


Wow, I love Simple Scrapbooks. Thanks for offering the chance to win a subscription. My favorite pic is of my dear hubby sleeping with my youngest on his chest and my other 2 boys are on each side also sleeping. When I see it I wish they could be that age forever. It was taken about 9 years ago.

Michelle M

I would have to say that some of my precious photos are my wedding photos and photos of my and my sister (who passed away 5 years ago).


The most precious picture I scrapped are the first picture tooken of each of my children right after they were born. I will cherish them always and am so glad they are peserved. Thanks for the chance.

Sara Frawley

I'm not a scrapper (yet), though I've been venturing that way with altered items lately... but I must say that I'm not sure if I actually have a physical picture of the picture I hold in my mind as my "favorite." I'm not sure if it's a memory or a picture... Even if it is just a memory in my mind, I'm sure it will never fade... it's a picture of me, at the young age of 19, with my first child... he was only weeks old and I stood over his changing table and kissed that little dip on his face (you know, the dip between the brow bone and the bridge of the nose)... I just remember how soft his skin was and how smooshy his little face felt on my lips and oh, how beautiful he smelled... now that I'm pondering on it more, I'm pretty sure it was just a memory, but "oh, what I would have done to capture that moment in print." He's nearly eight now, but the picture is still fresh and perfect. Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane... I needed that refresher! And thanks for the opportunity to win some groovy inspiring candy... I'm sure it'll push me over the edge into scrapping... I'm almost there, I can feel it!


I made a little blog post for this! My *current* favorite pic is of my daughter at 6 months. I am just reminded of how quickly the time flies. Thanks for the inspiration (and the give-away)!


sylv s.

Of all the pictures I have, my most precious (and funniest) is 3 pics I have of my 18 year old daughter acting goofy. This is most precious to me because when ever she takes a picture, everything has to be just perfect. One day, she saw me reading the camera's manual and taking test shots. She had just woke up and sat beside me looking a disheveled MESS. Since she thought I was just testing the camera, she didn't react to me taking pics of her. A couple of days later, I scrapped those pics and was waiting at the front door for her with the layout in my hand. She bribed me with any and everything she could think of to get me to get rid of the pictures. The whole scene was so comical..LOL

Peggy Maier

I have way too many favorite pictures - from great-grandparents to my own 2 kids. One I really love is of my Grandma & her 2 (my mother is about 5 or 6 & her brother probably 8 months). So precious to me since all of them have been gone for many years. It sits in my stamp room on a shelf where I can see it often!

Carol B

Wowie, great blog candy! :)

One of my most precious photos is of my whole family, with hubby in his Class A uniform (the green army suit) in front of the old house that used to be at his grandparent's piece of land in Grand Chenier, Louisiana. I say "used to be" because it is gone now...Hurricane Rita took it clean away. And that's why the photo is so precious.

Erica B.

I have this picture of my one year old (at the time) with our little kitten taking a {voluntary} nap together. It just is so sweet.

Erica B.

I have this picture of my one year old (at the time) with our little kitten taking a {voluntary} nap together. It just is so sweet.

Erica B.

I have this picture of my one year old (at the time) with our little kitten taking a {voluntary} nap together. It just is so sweet.

lois lane

It is hard to pick one picture that means the most. All my pictures of my kids growing up mean the world to me. I have a few that are special. One that comes to mind is a picture of my husband in bed with my daughter on one side and my son on the other and he's reading them a bedtime story. Soooo cute!!!


One of my most favorite pictures is of me and my hubby taken during the summer we met. You can tell how in love we were and how we were in it for the long haul. Thanks for the chance to win the candy.

Kristine John

I just made a memory book for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary...and that was the first time I had scrapbooked in YEARS.
One of my favorite photos is of my now 2 1/2 year old son. At the time he was 2 months old, and we were at my BIL's wedding. I looked down at my son, and thought "He's just beautiful", and having my camera in hand, I snapped a photo. The picture captures his serene nature and beautiful face in a way that most professional photos cannot.
Here's hoping I'll win!

Becky Kwan

Oh, one of my all-time favorite photo is of my wedding, just six years ago. Brings back magical memories!


I dont have any of me photos from when I was young-I dont now why my mom and dad never took that much of me. But I have one of my brother when he is about 4. My brother Boo had muscular dystophy and he died at 15-a month after I got married. He lost the ability to run the summer of his fifth year and was in braces and a wheel chair after that. In this photo (a black and white image) he is riding a tricycle and has a goofy Floyd Turbo hat on. He really could not pedal well but used his toes to make his way down the sidewalk. I dont know if he knew what was wrong with him over the ensuing years-he never asked me anything and we were best buds. But I do remember him trying to run and falling-so being on the trike was kinda a safe place for him. After that all the photos-and there arent many-are of him in his chair.

Janet Allen

I have made some scrapbooks for my daughter. She's an only child so we have a lot of photo memories of her. I also treasure photos I have of grandparents and great grandparents. I am starting a vintage album of all the great photos of relatives that are no longer with us.


oh, my goodness. What a hard thing to pick just one precious picture. But I think one of my favorite, precious pics is of my first grandson asleep. He is so adorable and the colors in the picture were so beautiful for a ful scrapbook page. It looks almost like a painting.

Kim Ross

I have a picture of my dad laying down with me in my crib shortly after I was born. He's still a total clown and I love him. :)


I have so many pics that mean so much to me. My most precious would have to be a picture of my Dad walking with my youngest son who was probably about one and a half at the time. They were hand in hand looking at each other with so much love. My son shares my Dad's name. My Dad passed away five years ago and it is a special picture for me and my son.

Robyn A

I don't scrapbook at all! But I want to scrapbook my daughter's life for her 21st next year. Then when I have fulfilled that I want to scrap for my son (but he has already passed his 21st). A subscription such as this would help me as I really have no idea!


WOW! What a wonderful giveaway! You are so generous.
My most precious picture is of my daughter when she is only a day old. I was very tired after delivery so my husband was helping out in the hospitol. My DD needed a little hug love so my DH picked her up. He sat in the rocking chair in the room and looks so loving and peaceful holding her close with his head down barely resting on the top of hers. It took my months to find just the right paper and such to scrap that picture.


I love the Simple Scrapbooks magazine. How generous of you to give away a YEARS subscription. It is very hard to pick my most precious photo. But I know the ones of my children when they were sleeping as babies has to rate right up there. Especially now since their grown up!

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