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September 02, 2007



oh....so many choices. I would have to say the family picture taken the halloween before my Dad died. It is the last family group shot of my children with their grandpa and everyone was dressed up for the occasion. I love that picture! Thanks for the great candy.


I've done a little scrapbooking, but not as much as I'd like. I'm not much of a picture taker.

One of my most precious photos is of my Grama. It was taken about 2 weeks before she died. Her favorite aide is next to her, leaning in, and they are both smiling. It's meaningful to me because having her home in her last few weeks was truly a gift for me and my family. There was so much love and support from friends, family and our regional hospice. And through everything Grama never lost her smile.


If I had to choose just ONE favorite it would be the family picture we had taken at the beach three years ago. Believe it or not it is the ONLY family picture I have. We have four children and two are grown (well they all 4 think they are grown,even the 12 year old baby) so getting them together at one time and having someone to take the photo is VERY challenging. We are a "blended" family so this picture is exceptionally special to me. Plus it was a win/win, a friend's daughter was first year photography student who needed to do this type of pic as an assignment and I needed a family photo when all of the kids were in town, and agreeable...WAA-LAA, my favorite photo... :)

Kim Flath

The most favorite picture I have it one of my DH with my son sitting in a plastic kiddie pool. They sat in the kiddie pool for a reason....my son was terrified of the water, so this was a way of taking away his fear of water....& IT WORKED...This picture means alot to me because his smile in that picture says volumes of the love between a father & his son.

Carol Lavrich

Hi Erica---My most precious photo is one that hangs on my wall. It is my engagement picture with my husband. We had it taken by a professional photographer with the US capital in the background. We had the mat for it at the wedding and had everyone sign it---friends and family.

Debbie Fisher

I would love a chance at this! I love this magazine and just buy it where I can find it.
I have so many treasured photos that it is so hard to choose. From pictures of grandparents (now deceased) with my son when he was a baby, to pics of my boys, esp one with them walking down a trail with their arms around each other.


I love your blog....
My favorite photo(s) are of my son who is far away from working. I miss him tons and looking at the photos brings back many great memories I can enjoy. I also enjoy old photos of family and friends.


wow! Some very precious pictures in your comments here! I love the picture of my son when he was younger and it's a very contemplative one. Not the best or most beautiful photo, but it just captures him in thought.

Kim Kowal

I have a lot of special photos and lots of scrapbooks filled with them, lol. One of my favorite photos is of my son feeding deer on a field trip from school. They were feeding the deer peanuts and the deer came right up and took it from their hands. Amazing.


One of my post precious photos is a studio shot of my grandfather, taken around 1922. He is wearing this amazing looking sweater outfit - my grandmother thinks it was probably mohair. I love this picture because it was unusual for people to get individual professional photos taken of their children way back then and I feel very luck to have it!


The most precious pictures to me are the ones taken on the days my 2 boys were born ! Have not done any scrapbooking yet but have all the stuff to do it , just need a push to do it .

MacKenzie Bruckler

Wow Erika, what a generous give away! I don't know how "precious" this picture is, but it is definately my all time favorite. I took my two kiddos to a butterfly reserve in Monterey a couple of years ago. There were so many beautiful flowers and I asked my two kids to pose for a picture to send to their great grandmother. Right before I clicked the button on the camera, my son farted. The expressions on their faces and my daughter pointing at my son in hysterics was captured on film for all to see. I laugh everytime I look at that picture. Gross? Yes. Precious? Maybe.


I don't scrapbook, but I want to. It's just too intimidating. I have a box of photos as well as hundreds of digital photos that aren't been seen by anyone but me. My favourite photo is actually a series of three photos that were taken by the timer on my digital camera. My husband and I were traveling in South Dakota and we found a waterfall that we could stand under, so we set up the camera, and put the timer on to take 3 photos. We wanted to get a picture of us kissing under the waterfall, but we ended up with a series of us looking at the camera, then turning towards each other, then kissing. It makes me smile when I see them.

Melissa Roth

Thanks for offering such a super-duper prize, Erika! I have a photo of my daughter with my grandpa holding her. He died shortly after so the photo is very special to me. I recently had my daughter's 5 year old pictures taken and they turned out fabulous and deserve an extra special scrapbook arrangement.


One picture came immediately to mind when I read your post. My daughter, then 2yo, with big chubby cheeks puckered up to her big brother who has a huge grin. I just love it and have to scrap it somehow since I know they won't stay lovey siblings long. Maybe this mag will help me do that! Thanks for the chance at your Groovy Giveaway!

shari walker

My kids pics are the most precious, but the ones I adore, is one sitting on the potty and the other powdering the living room with her baby powder...

shari walker

My kids pics are the most precious, but the ones I adore, is one sitting on the potty and the other powdering the living room with her baby powder...

shari walker

My kids pics are the most precious, but the ones I adore, is one sitting on the potty and the other powdering the living room with her baby powder...


What great candy!! I love pictures of my daughter. I think the most precious of her are when she was 1 day old and in the hospital. She was in the NICU. I guess looking at her tiny self with all the wires reminds me what a blessing she is. She is healthy and perfect.

I would love to win your candy. I am not a good scrapper. I am working on her first year album (5 months done and she is 18 months!!) That magazine looks perfect for a newbie scrapper like me. I like more pictures than "stuff".

Okay, love you blog. Have a great weekend.


What a great giveaway! I love your blog and your tutorials! They are so well done. Thank you for putting so much work into this.

Now... my favorite photo is one with my little boy on our back porch. He was eight months then and chunky as can be LOL.... He was outside in overall with a big S for superman in the middle of the overalls. The reason why I like it so much is because the it's the picture of the perfect end of summer. He is in his cute overalls with a big smile for Mommy and a beautiful green background in the back. It is the perfect moment captured in paper! I will have to scrapbook that picture soon!! Thanks for the inspiration.


The most precious picture I have are all of the ones of my oldest daughter (and first of my 6 children)because, unfortunely for our family, she chose a life of substance abuse and left the family home over three years ago. The pictures remind us of the beautful person she is (in our hearts) and fill us with a hope that some day she will ask for the help she so desperately needs (which we have tried to give and will do so again, should she ask). And I guess this is really more than just about winning a contest, because as long as the people you love are with you, you already have the prize. So hug your children and if you could, say a pray for my daughter that God keep her safe until she finds her way home. Thank you


Hi Erika :)
The First Time I saw your blog was when you posted a beatiful layout you had done "I've watched you become a man". I remember the journaling brought me tears. To know that Deep of a Love, and be able to express it so beautifuly was heart touching to say the least.
My most treasured Scrapbook page is of my Daughter at only 5 weeks old. She was sitting on Santa's Lap at the mall and a newspaper photographer was in the mall just taking in the Decorations. To our Suprize that photo was on the Front Page of the town newspaper 2 days later. You know I have a bizzilion coppies of that front page. The photographer captured a picture of Brooklynn staring deep into Santa's eyes with amazement. But the best part of the whole thing is that the man under the suit was her Daddy. Last year for Christmas I bought her, her first scrapbook and some supplies and that was the first page she (now 9) has Ever scrapbooked. It's still a secrete.. she has no clue that is Dad under all that fluff, she was amazed that she made the front page of the paper. Can you imagine what she will say when the details are revieled??
Thanks for letting me share my favorite Scrap book page with you.
Hugs, Lourin

Karen Vardy

Well the pictures that mean most to me are of my only child, a son who was stillborn five years ago. I wish now that more pictures had been taken but the ones I do have keep Noah alive. I haven't scrapbooked them yet as I haven't come up with the perfect layout for them...Perhaps some day.

I love your blog and read it daily.

Thanks for letting me participate!

Alison Snow

My favourite is of the first time I laid my newborn daughter down on the bed next to her brother - they both turned towards each other and seem awestruck by each other :)



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