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September 02, 2007



Now that is a groovy give-away!!!!! :-D

The most precious pics I have are, of course, of my kids. One of my favorites is from a few months ago when I was finally able to take a pic with both kids sitting next to each other (without pushing each other out of the way or any of them sucking their thumb or making faces....). They're just darling on that pic.
Also I have a soft spot for pics of my kids sleeping. Noah always sleeps in weird positions....and I love their peaceful look when they're asleep... <3

Nicole Steele

My most precious picture in my scrapbook is of our stillborn daugher Hannah Grace. We lost her 3 years ago this past July. 9 months after her death, I spent a weekend making an album in memory of her. I made a mini album within to attach to a layout to keep the pictures private. Those are my most precious photos because it's all I have of her.

Have a groovy Friday, Erika, and thanks for the giveaways! They're fun!


Elena Lin

I don't scrapbook a lot but really want to! One of my most precious pictures is one of my DS when he was almost 2 yrs old. He was holding his 6 mos old sister's hand and both were looking at each other with this loving gaze. Of course, it was luck that we even caught that expression because you know a toddler and infant just won't sit still long enough to pose for you! LOL - but we were so in awe of the preciousness of that sight and just thankful that we caught that on the camera to remember.

Elena Lin


Well, I have tons of pictures of my children close family, but my most treasured picture has to be of my grandma and grandpa. My grandparents both died at "early" ages and they're the only set I know. Our family is super close but for some reason they weren't really big on documenting people or events with pictures so there are only a handful of pictures of my granparents as "youngsters". My great Aunt Lydia sent me one and it holds a place of honor on my wall. I'll never forget where I come from and who I got my eyes from (thanks grandma) and neither will my children because I am determined to be a record keeper. Thanks for the opportunity.


My most precious photo is one of my three kids with their paternal grandparents. Three weeks after the photo my dad in law passed away unexpectedly. The picture is five years old but i have a 5x7 in each childs scrapbook and always keep a digital copy on my computer. I just don't have the heart to delete it.


Patty from Ohio

You make Fridays so exciting! The most precious picture has to be of my Grand-daughter. She has the most amazing eyes and this one is black & white and all you can see are those eyes! The scrapbooking possibilities are endless!!

lisa bauer

My most precious pictures are of my mom and my daughter, my mother was very sick when she was born and passed away when she was only 4. What a great giveaway. Thanks Lisa

Heather Grow

TGIF! Happpy Friday. My favorite pictures are the whole-family pictures that I have with Gramma and Grampa and all the cousins, aunts and uncles. I love my family and feel so blessed that God put me in the family that He did.


WOW! What an awesoem give away adn YES! it sure is Groovy L}
Your lucky winner shoudl thenk your lucky frined fo rbeing so easy to shop for. :}
My fave picture has to be if my first daughter, after ten years of infertility and 2 miscarriaes. She is laying asleep in nothing but her diaper on her daddy's hairy chest.

Oblivious to the itchy factor of a grown mans hairy chest! She was 4 days old, I was exhausted but I stay awake sitting in a chair pumping milk while watching them slep together this way for 4, yes four hours!

You'd have thought he'd given birth the way he slept. I cry everytime I look at this photo. This angel daughter of mine was 7 years old this past August!!


WOW.."With my MOP in hand" ..I like your Groovy Friday giv-a-way.
I actually am fairly new to the scrapbook world. I started back ..the end of March this year..but haven't had the time to spend on as I would like.
Right now..I am putting together pictures of my grandchildren.
They had swimming lessons this summer and I got a lot of great pictures.
Can't wait to start playing with these pictures.
Thanks for a chance to WIN the subscription give-a-way.

Melanie aka Batgirl

I have just started scrapbooking and I have no mags as of yet! so this would be prefect! lol. congrats on 300 posts too! My fav pics are always of my boys! when I was prego with my youngest I had a belly piv with a bow around my belly, I made the pic black and white and coloured the bow blue.. when he was born I got a pic of him all curled up with the same ribbon wraped around him tied in a bow with a from God sign on it. I also did this pic in black and white with the bow blue! I love how these pics go together and want to scrap them soon! :)


You are so generous! I would have to say that the picture that means the most to me is one of my son laying on my chest right after he was born with my husband over my shoulder. This picture means so much to me because I can remember exactly how I was feeling at that very moment, I can remember the way my babe felt, so warm and cuddly, I can remember the way my husband's breathe felt on my shoulders and his tears falling on me. What a wonderful moment in time!

Cheryl Sims

Hi Erika, When I was making my moms scrapbook I was going through old photos of our cruises and when I found the ones of our cruise from Bermuda out of NYC, there was a perfect photo of mom on the deck of the ship with the TWIN TOWERS in the background. I was floored. Wow!!! That is by far my most treasured photo along with the one of my mom at 10 years of age in my great grandmothers wedding gown she was modeling for a fashion show. Very cute.
Thanks for the question.
Cheryl Sims

Angie Warren

I have 4 girls, but after my 2nd daughter, I gave birth to my son Tanner. He was a beautiful little butterball and always happy. My grandmother that raised me came to help after he was born. She fell ill and passed away while she was here. I have 3 photos of her holding Tanner. 4 months later, my beautiful baby boy died of SIDS. I thought my whole world would end, but I went on. I had twins two years after, but not one day goes by that I don't think of Tanner. And there have been countless times, I wished I could have called my grandmother to ask her something or get her advice on something. So, my favorite pictures in the whole world are the ones of Tanner and Grandma. I think sometimes that that is how they are in Heaven. She is watching over him until the day I join them. Someday I will make my Tanner scrapbook and the cover will be one of those pictures.
Thanks for reading and have a groovy holiday weekend!

Sandra Poarch

Super giveaway. How awesome this would be for your lucky winner.
My most precious picture is of my Grandmother who is suffering with Parkinson's. She is in so much pain so much of the time. The pictures I get of her laughing are my favorites. Those times are so few and far between now.

Ginni C.

My favorite picture is a picture of an Aladdin's lamp, taken in an alcove of a restaurant at Disney World. In the three months prior to the picture, a family member had had surgery and suffered severely from a lack of oxygen to the brain in excess of 20 minutes. He had been in a coma and was now facing a life of severe brain injury, no memory beyond 70-80 seconds and facing a lot of rehabilitation. As we sat in the restaurant, over our table was a blueprint of the building in a frame. It was interesting to see that the building was orginally going to have a Beauty and the Beast theme and that alcove was to hold the magic rose under the domed glass. Then it changed to an Aladdin's theme, and that alcove held the lamp with the genie. I told my daughters, then 8 and 9, when you finish lunch, we'll see if we can find the lamp. And then, innocently, I said to them, what if the lamp is real? What would you ask for? They looked at each other, exchanged some sister look, they both nodded their heads and my oldest daughter said, for Paul to get better. I lost it, totally lost it, right there at the table, and again when I put my hand on the lamp and the holographic genie appears in the alcove. I have a picture of the lamp. It couldn't help Paul, but it does represent when my heart started to heal because of the unselfish and loving answer of my daughters.


I'm totally in love with Fridays! what a great giveaway ... I'm not a scrapbooker but my most precious picture is a picture of all of the family, from grandma & grandpa to the little ones.

Erica T

The most precious pictures are of my boys this summer in the rocky mountains, priceless because they are so in awe of all the wonderful creation and how different it is in all over Canada. There expressions are priceless when they almost daily see something they have never seen before.

Once again you are giving away and wonderful gift, TFS

Regina Cornelius

happy friday!!!!
i would have to say the most cherished photo i have is of my daughter the second night in the hospital when she was born. it isn't really a great photo by any means. i wasn't able to sleep at all when i was in the hospital so both nights i went down to the nursery to talk to the nurses and just be closer to my little baby girl. the second night there, the nurse said she was being fussy and asked me if i wanted to take her back to the room with me and hold her close to see if i couls calm her. of course i said yes! by the way...she never made a peep.... after i held her a while, i laid her in her portable crib and snapped a few pictures of her. it was so nice to take her picture with just us. no one there but her mommy. enough of my rambling!


I have this photo of myself when I was little - maybe 2 or 3. I'm on the front porch, riding my aqua-blue horse with my Kewpie doll riding behind me. I have such a huge smile on my face - oh the joy to be that little girl again - no cares, no worries and so much life ahead of me. OK, that sounds a little depressing but it's not. When I look at the picture I try to remember that the future is STILL ahead of me, that I don't need to be bogged down in the shoulda-woulda-coulda of the past. There's nothing I can't do...


Jen C

You have such great give-a-ways! Love the new header, BTW!!!

One of my most precious pictures is from our wedding day. It is a picture of me hugging my husband's grandfather. It is such a beautiful picture and he was a very beautiful person. He was a strong Christian and such a great example for his family. I got to know them a lot better after my husband & I were married and I was closer to them than a lot of people. Just 3 short years later, after suffering with Parkinson's, he passed away. I don't think I have another picture of him. I just can't get over how loving and welcoming he was when I joined their family.

I can't bring myself to scrap that picture though. It's in a handmade frame over my desk.


My most precious picture is of my two girls right after my youngest as born. My youngest was napping in her boppy on the couch and my oldest (2 1/2 at the time) came over to cover her up. She then laid down next to her with their heads together covered herself up exclaim they were taking a sister nap together. I have a picture on my desk of it an whenever I am blue at work, I only have to look at it to see how blessed I am. I have scrapbooked off and one for 7 years, but most recently went more the way of cardmaking and 3D items. I am trying to get back to my scrapbooks!

Heather Leech

The most precious pictures I own are of my dad who passed away over 20 years ago. He died in his fifties of spinal cancer and he was a pretty special guy! One of my favorites is of him, my grandfather and my uncle sitting at a piano during a family sing-along. At every family dinner we'd end up downstairs, my dad at the piano, and everyone singing away. Mainly Broadway stuff, old war songs, lots that bring back awesome memories.
Thanks for a chance at a great prize!!
Heather L.

Kim Leach

My grandmother had a portrait done when she was about 30 years old...it was a formal portrait, done in sepia tones and she is wearing her prized fur coat. The photo was colored (her lips and cheeks) with softest of pinks...it is beautful!! My gram was my favorite person growing up...she and my aunt raised my brother, two sisters and I and she and I had a very special relationship...we lost her 10 years ago now to senility and poor health...and I still look at her portrait and remember her calling me "My tall granddaughter who will put me in her pocket and take me everywhere with her when she grows up." Gram was 4' 9" tall and I'm 5' 8". My daughter is named after her (Arietta) :)I've just had a locket made with her portrait for all us girls and my mom and aunt for Christmas. Very special!

Thanks for asking us to share on your blog! Blessings!

Alexandra Hobson

Happy Friday Erika - what an awesome giveaway! I have TONS of pics because I am a huge scrapbooker (see, you don't have to win me over *wink*) but one of my favorites is one that I recently took while sending me son off to the Naval Academy. It is a picture of my three kids - and my oldest is saying goodbye to his brother and sister and they are all fighting tears. It is one of the most heartfelt moments that I have ever seen with my three and I treasure it because it tells me that they are close, they love each other, and are thankful for each other. It is actually posted on my blog in the archives if you want to check it out!! Have a wonderful LONG weekend!


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