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September 28, 2007



When I first met my MIL I thought she was a sweet woman, it wasn't until later as the years went by that I realized how precious she was. I really miss her and I have to say my MIL was my blessing.
Your blog is wonderful!!!!!

Alison Snow

Right now, I am blessed with many wonderful people in my life. My husband is a true blessing (although I don't tell him that too often :)

I have a group of friends who all have babies the same age as mine and they are also blessings to have for support, encouragement and to keep you sane!

Finally, I consider all the wonderful people like yourself a blessing, because you share so freely of your time and talent.



Amanda Pedro

mmmm, goodies!!

The person who has been a great belssing in my life is my past landlord. I met him when I was filling in as a voice teacher for my friend. He was the student and needed a tenant, I needed a place to live., I lived on the top floor of his house for 9 years before I met my husband and moved out. I would have been there forever if it weren't for the living with your husband thing.:}

My landlord was a great friend and money loaner. He lent me the money to buy my 1st car and when that loan was repaid, he lent me money to repay my student loan!! How cool is that. It took 5 years to repay that loan back. His kindess and generosity helped me get ahead.

We didn't move to far away from him. Just a few blocks away and every now and then he calls for a computer problem and we call him for construction work.

Wow, that was really long winded wasn't it. Guess I was in the mood to chat. thanks for listening:] And the goodies.


Well, right now some wonderful hospital volunteers. This morning I wondered how I was going to give tours to several student groups. A couple of wolunteers came in and said they thought I would need help. What a blessing and how kind!!!

And, Erika, you too!!! I have bleached with you, dazzled with you, watercolored and on it goes. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!


Cheryl Arnold

My daughters; My husband was diagnosed with leukemia 3 years ago when my girls were 3 and 6 months old. They kept us laughing and smiling through some very rough times.

Jessica S.

My blessing is my sister. My father left her Mom when she was three years old and married my mother several years later. My Mum and Dad emigrated from England to Canada after their marriage and eventually had me. Things were not left on a positive note and my father had little to no contact with her. So my sister and I saw eachother ONCE between 1984 and 2006. In 2006, our families came together and forgiveness and healing from and for all parties was given. Despite this 17 year estrangement, she and I have found a way to be siblings. I am teaching her who my Dad is and helping her reconnect with him. She is teaching me how to be a sibling. It's amazing that even across the world, I have been given the big sister I always wished for. She is my inspiration and my dear dear friend. She is MY blessing!

Cindy Vernon

I'm am blessed by my baby son. I didn't know if Iwas going to be able to have a baby after a surgery I had but I was lucky enough to have him. He just turned 1 and is gorgeous and happy and brings me joy every day.

Kristina Price

My daughter who is 6. She has had Type 1 Diabetes since she was 3 years old and has been a trooper considering all the things she goes through. She helps my dh and I laugh so that we can continue to live our lives!


The person who has been the biggest blessing in my life has been my boyfriend. To put it simply, I don't know if I'd even be here today if he wasn't in my life.


I am blessed by many people in my life. My biggest blessing is my 10 year old grandson. He has autisum.
He is the most happy, loving, brightest child. We count our blessings everyday that he is progressing well and hope that the time will come when he will be self suffient.


Whooo Hooo! Sweet sweet GinaK candy here! I would love to have this set. I had brain surgery a couple of years ago. I would have to say that I have been blessed, by my family, co-workers, and my stamping friends. Everybodies prayers were by blessing! Thanks so much for chance.


I am blessed with a wonderful family! Both my family and my DH family - even when they drive me crazy they are still a blessing!


I believe that at every step of your journey, there's someone to guide you. There are always blessings in disguises, and right now the biggest blessing in my life is my boyfriend. We come from different parts of the country, our cultures dont' match, our religions don't match, our lifestyles are different but I know he's here for a reason and it is to mellow me down. And I can never thank God enough for sending him my way!
Erika, thanks for such a wonderful giveaway...you and Gina are really nice!!


Greatly blessed with a very close family. I left a full-time job several years ago to care for my 3 grandchildren & aging parents. Can be quite challenging & doesn't leave much 'me time', but do not regret the decision to give my time.


I have been blessed with many wonderful people in my life, but it started with wonderful parents who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary yesterday. Their love and support is without bounds.

Thanks for sharing your time and talents and extra stamps!


You gotta love the Gina K candy! My greatest blessing would have to be my DS. After 2 miscarriages and slim prognosis on ever having a child, I was blessed with a miracle. After a fairly easy pregancy #3 my DS was born. He has brought me so much and at 21 I am still loving being a mom. I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything.


My granddaughter, she always has a story or something to say about her day that makes us smile.

Jen C

My person who is blessing me the most right now is my mom. We've had a long spring and summer with a job change for my husband and two moves since June! We are now living within easy driving distance from my parents and my mom comes every Friday to play with our two kids so that I don't have to take both of them out while my 6 month pregnant self runs errands. This morning she washed all our dirty dishes and changed all the bed sheets in the house! I really appreciate her help and she has been a huge blessing to me.

tammy b

i'm blessed to have a new circle of 3 friends that i have just clicked with. it's taken about 12 months for us to actually come together in a more than 'hey how are you' way, but now they are my sisters.

Michelle R

I was blessed with a wonderful and loving mother. She taught me everything I needed to know, with loving but firm commitment. Without the foundation she gave me early in life, I would not be the person I am today. She has been gone from this earth for many years...but still I feel blessed to have had her.


I too was blessed with a wonderful mother. I have the mom that all of my teenage friends also called "mom" and now that I'm in my 40's, my friends say things like, "Will your mother adopt me?" She's the kind of mom and grandma that always welcomes grandkids at her house...wants to watch them so I can do things...bakes cookies with them...she's amazing and I love her so much.

Jackie Rakoski

My Mom is by far the person who I am most blessed to have in my life. We are not only Mother and Daughter but also very close friends. She does things for me all the time that I would never think of doing for myself and always without asking. She spends more times on planning things for the family than for herself, she is truely a gift.

Thanks for the giveaway! Have a great weekend too!


Those stamps are sooo darn cute!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, and a wonderful family! My family and hubby's family are all wonderful!


I am really blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Most of all my wonderful partner. He is extremely supportive of my stamping obsession and everything else that I get involved with.

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

I LOVE the candy!!! My mom is a huge blessing in my life. She is my best friend and she has taught me so many life lessons. She has always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. She taught me how to manage money, cook, and how to be a great mom!!

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