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September 04, 2007


Tina Suzan

I just love you girl!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful card AND the picture of your grandpa and the heart warming story!!! You are the bestest!!!

In Peace & Laughter

Tina Suzan
P.S. I already went through a complete package of Apple Cider Paper. I love love love it!!! Thank God for dreams!!


What a beautiful story you have shared about your Grandfather! What wonderful memories he has left with you. Someday you will see him again and never be seperated again. I'm glad you got his desk, so you can pass it on to your children. Good sturdy furniture is hard to come by anymore and you have a beautiful message to pass with it. Thank you for sharing a part of you life. I have really been touched by your words Erika.

Mary C. Anderson

First of all I love your card. The color combination that you used is stunning. I read the story of you and your Opa. You have some wonderful memories of this very wonderful man. How awesome for you to have his desk. I'm sure that you will one day pass it down to your daughter. :) Thanks for sharing the story Erika. I enjoyed it very much. :)


Cheryl Sims

Erika, reading this brought tears to my eyes!!
Cheryl Sims


ohh! How sweet and touching. You've brought tears to my eyes this monring. I am so hapy for you to have these wonderful memeories and to have shared such a deep love and passion of writing with your Opa. :}
I am sure he smiles upon you and your chidlren. Hugs K

Mary R.

Erika, I love your blog, I subscribe to your tutorial program and I am always inspired by your cards. However, the reason I enjoy your blog so much are the little glimpses into your life and your soul from posts like today's. Your picture and story moved me and made my day. Thank you!

Alexandra Hobson

What a great great story Erika - those memories are so precious! Your sharing really hit home for me because my Oma passed away about six years ago and I miss her very much! I did not get to see them very often as they lived in Bremerhaven (my Opa does still and at 82 just remarried to a wonderful woman who keeps him young) but I loved her very much. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of YOUR Opa!

Your card is beautiful and uses my favorite set from the holiday mini and I have uses about three packs of the apple cider paper already - LOL!


Kathy Kinney

Wow! That story brought tears to my eyes. I have a similar story with my Grandma who passed away just before I turned 15. I can't tell you how many times I have said that I wished she was still here. To this day, I absolutely adore her. She made me feel special. And as I approach my 35th birthday, I will make myself an Angel Food Cake with pink frosting, sit down with the old pictures, and tell my son all about her. God is good, God is kind. And I am so thankful that she was in my life. Thanks for the story, you're an amazing writer!


What precious memories you have of your Opa. You are truly blessed!


I loved the picture of you with your grandfather. I have 5 grandchildren and my birthday is also July 31. I turned 62 this year - old enough for Social Security but still working. Thanks for sharing your family with your stamping family.

Conny Moody


I was very touched by your story. I too have a German Oma and Opa at whose feet I learned to read, write and speak German. My Opa was my hero. He could do anything with his hands, from fixing an engine to kneading dough for a hefekuchen. I remember with great fondness spending time with Oma and Opa, eating delicious german food and hearing stories about their lives in the German Alps. My children now call my parents Oma and Opa and are learning German from them.

It is a precious gift to have memories such as these. Thanks for sharing a treasured story from the heart.....Conny

Gina K.

I love the card and the story. You grandfather must have been a special man. I'm sure you miss him. You look so darn cute in that picture! LOL!
Gina K.

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