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September 05, 2007



What a gorgeous family you have! I too count my blessings!

Alexandra Hobson

Your card is great - your family picture is absolutely wonderful! Family IS the most important, I agree with you totally. You have a beautiful one! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

monica sheldon

what a quick and easy that is.


AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You almost make me miss the family I came frorm... NOT! I love your pics tho, great job JEN!!
LookatGirlie adn thatbeautifl head fo hair she has.. :}
Awesome writingtoda as well as the card as usual :}
This too is my fave paper and yesterdays card is my fave stamp set. I love shabby chic and this set cries out for it :}

I am grateful for my family my hubby and I have :}
Very grateful, I love getting away with him alone but it's always wonderful to return to our home and be enveloped by our children. Have a great day and thanks for sharing. K

Mary R.

Erika, you are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family. You already know and appreciate that, I can tell. Could I PLEASE have your little girl? She looks like an angel and would make a wonderful accent to my own 7 yr. old wild child. LOL! Mine is beautiful, wild, courageous and insane. She has the heart and soul of an angel. We are so blessed. We adopted after 17 years of trying and brought her home the day she was born. She was worth all those years of waiting. I know every day I wake up how blessed my husband and I are to have her. Thank you for a chance to tell you and your readers that the things in life worth having are worth the wait.

Gina K

What a beautiful family!!!Love that picture! And I love the colors you used in that card! WOW!
Gina K.


Nice family photo..Love the Black/White.
Nice card..pretty pattern papers..
Pretty colors..like the grateful stamp.


Beautiful family & beautiful thought. Ditto here!


What a great photo of your family. You are all beautiful! One can see you cherish them. Always remember they are a gift from God. I adore my family too! And love hearing others go on about theirs.
Thanks for a great blog. I am a newbie blogger and enjoy reading yours. Your creations are wonderful - love the layering on the last card! It came out gret.


Just a quickie - I don't think my last comment listed my blog and I would love your opinion! I think if you click on my name you get the blog now.

Mary C. Anderson

Even your qick cards are beautiful! I *Love* your family portrait.You all look so beautiful. Yes, even the guys look beautiful. Jen took a gorgeous picture. She does awesome work. Thanks for sharing this picture Erika. Just think ......this is a momentt in time that was captured for all of you. I really love it.


Kathy W

Wonderful card (I love my grateful stamp, too) and beautiful family photo. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful photo! I love it. So full of different expressions and details. I don't see why anyone would count it as a bad photo day? I love black and white photos:) Your family is lovely. Its great that you treasure them that much. Wish you all the best for the future:)

Beth b.

Erika - your family is gorgeous - what a beautiful photo! No wonder you treasure it - its wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Oh and your card is great too! :-) Have a great day!

Beth (mommy to a busy 4-yr old)

Gail Stickley

What a beautiful family.


beautiful card...and more beautiful family!


Beautiful family photo, thanks for sharing!


You are soooo right about the family! So many people do not learn that in time...they divorce or burn bridges, instead of sticking it out through good and bad and letting family members be who they are. I cherish mine also and I have the best husband and children (grown now). We have lived in the same farm house for 35 yrs. we will be celebrating our 37th anniversary this month (9-11) and we just fall deeper in love as the days go by. You are very wise to know this and you will be blessed more and more because of it. Your family picture is one of the nicest ones I have seen in a long, long time. Congratulations.


I LOVE black and white pics, they are so timeless.
You have a beautiful family.
That pic Jen took that same time of the kids together with Girly having her arms around her brother's neck is just priceless!!! <3


Linda SS

Your family is beautiful! And what wonderful photography too, truly a picture you will treasure forever.

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