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August 26, 2007



Wow...I'd like to have that prize...copies are seven bucks here! Hmm...a question... How do you maintain your dreads esp. with the demands of kids and crafting?


I have 2 questions for you!

*1* What craft magazines do you read, or you would recommend for scrapbookers/stampers? (I guess Paper Crafts is one of them!... ;-))
*2* In your interests you list "altered books", I don't know what this is and I would like for you to explain to us a little bit about that....

Enjoy your week-end away! :-)

Stephanie Sheridan

So the summer must have been interesting this year for Vt. My husband is from Montpelier and we met there 16 years ago. Miss the state alot.


What a groovy prize! What tool from your wish list will be your next purchase? Thanks for sharing your talent with us through your blog.


Hi Erika,
What a great give-a-way!! I guess I'd like an update on your dreadlocks (w/pics of course!!) Just curious as to how well they're holding up.

Kerry Morgan

sylv s.

Are you serious about that candy! That is soooo cool, I hope I win!

My question is about what's on the inside of the cards you make? Card making is getting a little
easier for me when designing the outside and the envelope. It's the inside that gets me everytime. Do you find that you often add patterned paper to the inside or do you write out sentiments?

Maggie Stockwell

Erika...my question is how do you manage your time so successfully so that you get all that you do done and still manage time for family?
:) Maggie

Cindy Vernon

I think I have a similar question..when creating do you go ahead and do something with the inside of the card or do you wait to stamp something inside when you're ready to give them out?


If you could design a stamp, or stamp set, what would it be?


Stampin' Mama knows how to spread the cheer with her readers. How sweet this would be! Ok here goes the questions....
1. What is your favorite tool that you can't life without?
2. Do you do embossing? Do you do this my hand or machine or both?
3. When you have a brain metal down. How do you get inspired again?
Thanks for a chance.


I have some chipboard shapes I have been hanging onto, because I am afraid if I touch them I will mess them up and waste them. Do you have any easy way to cover chipboard for chickens like me?


I LOVE that magazine and sometimes I find older copies that I look at over and over and over. Let's see...a question...do you try to spend a certain amount of time everyday crafting or are you spontaneous and flexible and sometimes go an entire day without any crafting?


Hi, what yummy candy you are giving away! What is your favorite stampin up! stamp set?


What a great give away!! What other publications do you subscribe to?


Do you ever like to make multiples of the same cards or do you always create something new for each and every card?

tammy b

oooh, fun.....time to get personal!
1. are your kids crafty? do they craft with you?
2. what is your absolute favorite thing to do - papercraft wise
3. what do your dread signify for you?
great candy, good tutorials....i'd love to see some of your altered books and/or tutorials on the subject!
ttfn, tammy b


Since the day I first found your blog, I have been in love with your beaded hair. How long did it take you to do that and how long did you sport it? You remind me facily of my best friend Peggy from High school. I wish I knew where she was as I havent seen her since my baby was born 30 years ago.


Well this is a fun game! I want to play too! And I'll give you a choice of questions. The first is, besides Devil Dogs ;-), what is your favorite dessert? The second is, if you had to live in another time in history, but not as a particularly powerful, influential or wealthy person, when and where would it be and why?

Linda SS

I LOVE Papercraft and would love to extend my subscription as it must be getting close to running out. I love your blog and get your emails. I only wish I lived closer so I could attend the special events you have. You cards are always so amazing! Have you been published?

Melissa F.

Great blog candy. How do you find the time to do everything that you do?


Great blog candy, should the winner be just from USA and Canada? Or is it an international giveaway? My big question is how did you become such a great card maker?!


I love blog candy.......I think. LOL. I have never gotten to taste it yet. A question?
Where do you get your inspirations? Magazines? Blogs? Or are you one of the very smart ones and don't require a lot of inspiration?


What an awesome giveaway. I love that magazine! My question would be: What is the one tool that you would recommend to a newbie & the one tool you can't live without?

Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.


I've only been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and love the cards that you make. I have only just started making cards. Recently I have been looking at getting a die cutting machine. Do you have one and is there one that you would recommend getting?


I am curious just to know how long you have been stamping? Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

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