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July 17, 2007



What a busy lady you are! as for #7 I've been there done that ,wasn't that fun! At least for me. But I was only 13. I have to tell you that you have beautiful eyes!

Jan Scholl

You look so much like my friend Peggy from HIgh school-I havent seen her in 30 years. Last I hear she was on Kodiak Island in ALaska. she had 14 brothers and sisters and all of them had freckles and blue eyes.

Melanie aka Batgirl

love the facts! great job on them! I also love seeing the world! I was in Kenya on a missions trip and loved it! and I home schooled :P

Patti Williamson

Great facts! You can't go out in the middle of nowhere any time soon! We'll miss your blog! ;)

And I agree with Ticia ... You have beautiful eyes!


I am so glad I found your blog...thank you Gina K! If I ever move it will be to VT!!! I totally get the whole live out in the middle of nowhere...we live in the Rural Suburbs...but I have chickens, bunnies, an extensive fruit and vegetable garden...so we're starting! My neighbors probably think I'm nuts, but they love the fresh eggs!

Although my husband (the computer geek) would probably freak out without internet...don't even discuss no electricity! But if he could work for B&J then I could get him to move easy.

I admire your travel bug...I've traveled extensively through Italy...and some parts of Europe, but would love to get to some other continents! Have a good one!


Thank you for the tidbits about yourself! Chocolate & Peanut Butter - YUM! You sure are a busy lady, married - raising two children - making your own soap - travelling - sharing your creative and stamping genious with those of us around the world. You are a wonderful person!

Beth B.

Erika - wow - especially #2!! :-) you are a busy stampin' mama!! :-) thanks for sharing! i'm with you on the chocolate & peanut butter thing - yum-o!! have a great day!

Beth (not quite as adventurous mommy to a busy almost-4 year old!)


Cool Beans to know stuff about the talented Mrs. Erika Martin :}
Thanks for sharing I'm addicted to Gina's and your Blog, but you know that!
I want to know what you did to make your Mom home school you at that age lol :}

Me, I admit I am NO Princess but camping.. well it better be in a Hotel Lobby :}
lolo Seriously, I brought the generator the last time we went to Wells State Park to camp in Strubridge ... my hubby and son both got Lymes Disease and well it's not fun sono more camping unless they ( 4 kids) beg me to death K


Oh, thanks so much for playing! How fun to learn stuff about one of my favorite stampers! :) I totally agree with chocolate and peanut butter, except for me, it's chocolate ice cream with peanut butter in it - a local ice cream place here called Meola's makes the best and I just can't settle for less!

Love that picture of you - just beautiful!!!!!!!

:) Happy stamping! (:


That is soooo cool that you have traveled so much! I haven't left Illinois too many times...just Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin...how boring huh?


beautiful picture. thanx for sharing more about you :)


Erika thanks so much for being so personal with us. Your blogs make it so easy to some times forget just how many miles are between us. Somes days I head to my computer with my morning coffee in hand specificaly looking to see what Erika is up to today?? or last night for that matter.
Your photo is beautiful. Its nice to see that the camera can catch those eyes so well. I hope you write of your time on all 7 continents (cause Im sure you will make it) I'll probably not ever see anything out side the US , well maybe canada some day but I'll happily enjoy it thru your eyes and your words.
Blessings to you and yours.

Mary C. Anderson

Love your latest picture Erika. I wish I looked that good first thing in the morning or any other time. :) The uno's Penut butter cup dessert sounds delicious. Is that from the Uno's Restaurant? I did not know that yu are allergic to soaps out o the market. I am too. However, my allergy is strictly from the fragrances that they put in the soaps and other bath products. Every thing that goes on my body has to be fragrance free. Thanks for sharing more about you.



If I lived in Vermont, I would so come and take your soap class!!! I've always wanted to learn how to make all of that stuff.

April Jones

you make your own soap?? Well, you've got to share a recipe or two? My ex-mother in law (which is why I'd LOVE a recipe) made her own soap..and well..I no longer have access to this great stuff!! It's hard to find coconut oil and various "specialty" oils where i live (Delawhere?) without paying an arm and a leg! Are there other alternatives you can direct me to?
Home made soap is the BEST!!!!!
Email me if you'd be willing to share any recipes or suggestions!! April


You're beautiful! I envy those who look so great with no makeup! :)

don wright

Read your "living off the land" dream. ME TOOOOO!!!!!
My children are now heading off to uni and college and that leaves my wife and I ready to explore our dream. I have found a log cabin in Temagami close to the old growth.
An hour from hydro and an hour and 15 from the nearest cell signal. This has been a lifelong dream and where gonna go for it. WQe will learn about small footprint. Blessings to you. My dear neice has a larg birthmark and we say the same thing. She is a precious gift from God. blessings

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